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5 Reasons to Drink Hibiscus Tea

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Hibiscus tea is one of the most popular herbal beverages in the world. It's consumed by people in many countries such as Mexico, Caribbean countries (Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago), Central and South America, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Sudan and countries of West Africa such as Senegal (it's known as the "national drink of Senegal"). Why so many people drink hibiscus tea? In this article I'll try to answer this question by sharing with you 5 benefits of this drink.

1. It lowers the risk of serious health problems
The tea lowers the risk of heart disease, lowers LDL cholesterol levels and possibly protect from the development of cancer. Moreover, it can expand one's lifespan. Why is that so? It's because hibiscus is rich in antioxidants which destroy free radicals which have a damaging effect on your body cells.

2. It's great for people with high blood pressure
Studies show that drinking three cups of hibiscus tea each day can reduce blood pressure by an average of 7 to 10 points. It may seem like a small change, but hibiscus can be as effective in treating hypertension as blood pressure lowering drugs (without negative side effects).

3. Are you on a diet? Hibiscus tea will help you lose weight faster!
If you're on a diet, hibiscus tea (especially consumed after a meal) can increase your satiety and help you digest starches and sugar. Moreover, it's a diuretic which means that it can help you decrease water retention (and that can make you look less bloated -- almost instant improvement in the way you look!).

4. You can make it in many ways
Even if you live in a hot climate, you can still consume hibiscus tea, because you can make hibiscus ice tea. In fact, that's how they usually drink it in Jamaica (chilled and served with plenty of ice). To change its taste, you can sweeten it with sugar or honey, add some spices or lime.

5. It's tasty!
Hibiscus tea has a cranberries-like flavor. If you like a tart taste, you'll definitely like hibiscus. And even if you don't like it, you can simply sweeten it and it'll change the flavor!

These five reasons to drink hibiscus tea are only a part of numerous benefits of this tea. Don't wait any longer -- go and try this mild herbal medicine! It's very popular all over the world and you should easily find either teabags or loose leaf hibiscus tea in any shop with herbal teas. Join thousands of people who drink this tea on a daily basis!

PS. Be sure to visit Hibiscus Tea website to learn more about this great tea!

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