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Interesting Discus Fish Facts You Should Know

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The discus fish is an exotic fish coming from the Amazon River, some of its varieties are already extinct, and many are attracted to take care of them as pets because they are very colorful and interesting to look at. Part of the charm is the fact that the discus fish is a highly sociable fish and that they have advanced social behavior. Having said that, owners must be aware that they need to purchase discus fish in groups in order for them to thrive.

Like humans, discus fish require human interaction in order to stay healthy and motivated. The only negative thing that happened during the domestication process is that some of them have already lost the ability to communicate in groups, which is why finding original discus fish commands a higher price rather than the ones that are being domesticated in pet shops. More people are willing to pay a higher price for an original variant. However, a breeder must also understand that the bred variant is easier to maintain rather than the wild ones.

Today, it is now easier to take care of discus fish. With new technology we can now improve the water quality, adjust the temperature, provide vitamins for the discus. There are likewsie new ways to improve the quality of the fish while inside the tank. Aside from providing an interesting hobby as well as design for the home and restaurants, hotels and other important places, the discus fish is a rewarding pet because they help reduce stress. The simple act of looking at them can relax the eyes as well as provide countless of hours of fun whenever you look at them.

Just make sure to make the tank wide enough. They would thrive better in a large tank, especially if you will decide to breed them. You would want to avoid stiff competition between the fishes inside the tank.

Avoid placing the discus fish in places where they can be disturbed by noise. Discourage kids from tapping the tank in order not to disturb them and not cause stress, especially to pregnant discus fish. Some varieties of discus fish are very shy and would not want to be disturbed frequently. You also have to provide plants where they can hide and lay their eggs. It would also be good to provide them with driftwood and other materials that they can use to keep them safe.

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