"Native American Crosses And Your Personal Space"
by Craig Chambers
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A few well placed Native American crosses can look beautiful in your home or office. You will find that these crosses are often handcrafted using high quality materials and traditional Indian techniques. Each cross is different in style and construction and even the materials used. One simple cross might look stunning on its own and several crosses hung together will really make a statement.

It is very easy to find ways to incorporate crosses into your home or business decor. Often these crosses are relatively small, so they can be placed almost anywhere. A small wooden cross could be hung near the front door. A larger sized wall could host a larger cross as could a mantle. If you want to create a stunning accent wall, consider hanging many crosses together in one area. For example a dark yellow or gold wall would look great with 15 or 20 different crosses. Different styles and sizes may be placed together for a stunning look. It actually looks quite beautiful to hang an assortment of different styles of American Indian crosses together.

Many of these are made from wood. You will find that even crosses made from this simple material can be stunningly beautiful. You can find simple crosses that are made simply from securing two sticks together with leather cording and ornate ones made by carving and polishing the wooden pieces. Some crosses are accented with decorative items while others are wrapped in leather and feature feathers, bead work and even decorative paintings.

You may be wondering how crosses could be a traditional part of Native American art. The answer is actually quite simple. While Native Americans aren't traditionally Christian, their use of crosses in their art shows the influence that other cultures had on them. The Spanish had a very strong influence on the Southwest Indians. The influence of Christians led to the cross creations.

You will also find that these pieces can be very affordable. If you spend enough time looking, you will be able to find treasured high quality pieces for under a hundred dollars. Of course there will also be times that you want to spend a little more for a particularly special piece. The best ones are handcrafted and carefully adorned with special accents like beads or even a dream catcher. Search out the market and buy pieces that speak to your heart.

Your home is truly one of the most special places in the world to you and your family. Make it even more special by filling it with the things that you love. And be sure to consider adding a cross or two to your work space for a positive influence. If you think that Native American crosses are beautiful, it is definitely worth investing your time and money in searching out the perfect one. It will be a lasting and treasured piece for you and your family for years to come as it looks great hanging on the wall of your home or office.

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