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Insurance for the poor People

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Low income people survive in difficult in real world environments including accidental death and disability, illness, agriculture losses, loss of property due fire and many more type disaster. Basically disaster is two types. Natural and human made

In the view of these disaster many non profit organization or government sector launched a program called Micro-Insurance. Micro Insurance refers to insurance prefer to low premium and low caps or low coverage limit sold as part of risk pooling and marketing arrangement designed to service low income people .

On the other words Microinsurance forms of health, life or property for insurance, which offers limited protection at low contribution called Micro. It is aimed at poor sections of the population and designed to help them cover themselves collectively against risks called insurance..

The Micro Insurance Academy is a project of SUB Sarvajan Unnati Bodhini, an Indian Public Charitable Trust based in New Delhi. SUB draws from extensive experience in the Indian insurance domain and inspired by spiritual and Gandhian principles SUB set out to make financial services -- first and foremost microinsurance -- work Insurance for the poor.

Micro Insurance is protection of backward and low income people against regular premium payments proportionate to likelihood and cost of risk involved.

The Micro Insurance Academy continued watches their risk and set them and years behind their loan and saving product. Let suppose HIV/AIDS death of a family member whose play key role in his house. In this situation family may goes to worse condition. A pre condition most insurance companies would not cover means expensive funeral cost and loss of breadwinner, output is economic hardship for the family and situation may be worse condition. In regarding, Micro Insurance academy regularly watches and developed affordable benefit product that did not exclude pre condition.

As a tangible outcome of the project the Micro Insurance Academy MIA has opened its doors in Delhi. The MIA is dedicated to evidence-based studies, training and advisory services for micro insurance units including micro health insurance and low cost health insurance serving the poor. The Micro Insurance Academy develops and offers capacity building for successful implementation of micro insurance.

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