"Quickly Download Software at Filepuma.com "
by Faith Lee
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Just as we know, to download software from the internet is a widespread practice for getting the best out of your computer. When I download Glary Utilities, I found a new software download website like Download.cnet.com. It is called Filepuma.com. Filepuma provides a great database of useful programs in a safe environment free from pop-ups, spyware, invasive advertisements, and other nuances often present in similar websites. Filepuma's simple and intuitive interface makes me happy to share it.

Filepuma.com provides the simplest method of downloading the latest versions of the best software, including freeware, trial and shareware programs to download in several categories. It features recommended software and latest updates, not focusing on quantity but quality. But the real treat will be to look at the following ones, were you will find firewalls and Antivirus, Audio and Video related software, as well as tools for file converter, DVD applications, Office packages, file compressors and many others. To make the downloads as fast as possible, Filepuma.com also provides very fast servers with 100Mb connections.

Filepuma.com keeps the old versions of programs, so if we update and don't like the new version that we can always return to the old one. At Filepuma.com, we can quickly find the needed popular software by "Search" and get the basic information on it, such as Size, Publisher and more. If we are interested in a program, we can add it to "my list". We can also express our ideas or experiences in discussion, and share it on twitter, facebook or myspace.

A free Update Checker will check all the software we have installed in our computer, and make a report of the programs which are not completely updated. Filepuma will then give us back a list of the available latest versions for our system. This tool works for every version of Windows since 98 to Windows 7.

Although there is not much reading to do at Filepuma.com, the site is written in English. Software names don't vary much anyway from one language to another, but if it becomes an obstacle, some web translator may come to our aid.

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Faith Lee

Site: http://www.filepuma.com

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