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Top 5 Reasons to Decorate Your Garden with a Solar Water Fountain

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The versatility of a solar fountain is unmatched. Its energy-efficiency, portability, and ease of use make the solar fountain a sought after decorative accent for the garden. These five reasons support the decision to utilize this important garden accessory:

1. Energy-Efficiency. Solar fountains operate when the sunlight directly shines on the solar panel. No electricity is needed! Many solar fountains do not store energy; they simply operate while the sun is shining on the panel. The Solar-On-Demand fountains do store power in the attached back-up battery. This battery is attached to the integrated solar pump and panel system located inside the fountain basin. 2. Ease of Use. These fountains require minimal assembly and your biggest job is to choose where you will put it. Once the fountain is placed in the desired location, it is simply to be enjoyed. There are no wires to connect or concerns about being near an outlet. There is also little maintenance with a solar fountain. Making sure there is enough water to cover the pump and keeping the water clear of debris are the most important tasks.

3. Good Feng-Shui. Adding a water element to your garden promotes the good flow of Chi, or vital life energy. Positive Chi flow is important in the practice of Feng-Shui. By creating good Chi flow around the outside of your home, positive energy is encouraged to continue on to the inside of your home. Positive Chi flow relates to your prosperity and good health. The portability of a solar fountain allows you to place it in the desired North, East or Southeast directions.

4. Solar energy is renewable and non-polluting. We often take for granted our easy access to natural resources, but forget that they are limited. We need to do our part to conserve energy, but it doesn't have to be at the expense of comfort. Solar fountains achieve this goal.

5. Attract Wildlife. Birds and other wildlife seek out the moving water of a fountain to clean and refresh themselves. Some fountains have a classic birdbath design, but the birds also enjoy the Cascading, Solar-On-Demand, Pond and Animal styles. A solar fountain allows you to place the fountain further from your home, where the birds are more likely to visit. Don't forget to add a bird feeder close by to keep your visitors around longer.

Now that spring is here, we can see the Daffodils, Hyacinths and blossoms on the trees. It's time to get to work in the garden. Add Butterfly Bushes, Salvia, Spirea, Sun Coleus, Purple Cone Flowers and a solar water fountain!

Cecelia Brown is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who primarily works with psychiatric patients in a hospital setting. She has a special interest in stress management and solar products. Please visit her website: to find out more about solar garden fountains.

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