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Gambar yang bikin ketawa lucu nih

by Ayunda Prastiwi
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Lazy Pun my story

In the past, there was a village where all people are very diligent not merely lazy. So one day, the king made the announcement to find a lazy. During the march, was a man to confess, he said, "I was the most lazy."

gambar gambar lucu dan unik

King asked, "What level of your lazy servant?"

Then the man replied, "If I want to eat, there are people who fed me."

Suddenly another man came and said, "I am more lazy than his lord."

The king asked him, "Until the pulak the lazy lord?"

And they said, "If I makanpun, until someone please kunyahkan."

gambar gambar lucu

But the king was silent for a while.

Unexpectedly came a boy to him and said, "I was the most lazy king."

King asked, "What about the idleness of the boy you?" The boy replied, "You want to cite even lazy.

If One Can, If More than One ...

The drink our conference center last night warmed by the testimony of a friend: "I have tried many times to my wife that I know I have 'girlfriend' but she do not know, he do dhek Profiles!"

"Akikkk? How do I? Betui ka he do not know? If betui, tips on what to hang wear? Can hang please teach us?" celebrate a friend with a very excited tone.

Peitama friend said: "The question I, I love another woman, every day I was to know him. Every time HOW TO SMS, he will tell me, I got feedback Iluv I luv U U2, I do not write" too but accidentally write '2 'so that he understands that I have already double him.

But that's what I wonder, he may do not know when, I was being honest, besides him, there is another woman who I love.

We all 'butcher' laughed at my friend's confession. I do not know what I said, but only laughed.

I am not sure whether my friend was trying berhelah with his wife, or forthright with his wife. And again, we also think he spoke the truth when telling his wife did not mind or do not know with what he told

"Hang do not dock their own shock la, bro! If you really dare hang, hang straight talk with the wife hang, I want to see, "I said, deliberately challenging.

What is narrated by my friend, it was a ploy language alone. Language tricks do not have to do with the question of honesty and courage, or want to confess.

Trick-speaking, however, can not be regarded as sinful. What is important is for the person receiving the message, whether it can or not 'catch' what is being communicated.

After the laughter subsided we heard some friends that another friend was taken over by the council with the story of what happened between him and his wife.

According to the latter's friends, in an evening, when he and his wife sitting at the cup of tea and fried bananas, come joking mood he wants to 'rough' with his wife.

But, he said: "Men, kaiau only one wife, they are still not sufficient condition!"

"Not satisfied with the conditions? What about that? "Asked the wife confounded.

foto lucu

Recognizing the hook is concerned, my friend continued: "Of course not all conditions. Even the name is three, must be three. If the new one is one, is two still not enough. Only three new is enough. "

Convinced that the argument can still be extended to deliver the intended meaning - because what I know, he certainly had no wish but candidates who memungggu - my friend could not feel himself menahanketawa as victors in the first round.

But he was not aware his wife was actually much more intelligent.

"Ok, brother Inggeriskan know the language? In the grammar (grammar) in English, there are singular (single), there are plural (more than one). If singular kind of big brother, what singular to plural different? "

Then be answered by a husband with confidence, "If the singular, there is no 's'. If the plural, there 's'. "

"Ok, good brother even thought I forgot."

Then grinned-sengihlah husband - as he admitted to us - to hear the praise.

Said the wife: "Now how many wife's brother?"


"Are you able or not?"

"Can what? Sara you? Of course, afford. There you feel like not enough any more? "

"I ask my brother Tidaklahl able or not? It means brother mampulah ye? "

"Ye, brother can afford!"

"Ok, now the wife's brother is how?" asked his wife again.

"Ask again ... satulah, "replied the husband.

"Ok, one, can not have 's', right? If more than one? "

"Oh no! Dead!"

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