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What Causes Swimming Pool Pop-Up And How Do You Prevent It?

by Jeff Kibler
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For those who live near coastal areas, you will find that pop ups with your pool may be caused due to the high pressure regions. When the pool is full of water, it is not going to be noticed, due to the heavier weight, but if you are draining the pool, or planning on remodeling with any Fort Walton Beach pool contractors, you may notice the pop up, if the pool was not properly built and constructed. The pop ups are mainly caused by hydrostatic pressure, which is built up under ground water pressure, and when the pool is drained, it may cause the pool to come up above ground.

In order to prevent this issue, home owners who are considering installing a new pool should request that the Fort Walton Beach pool contractors install a hydrostatic relief valve, a collection tube, and rock pack in to the swimming pool that is going to be built (regardless of where you live, and whether or not it is a high pressure area). This valve is going to be able to allow you to lower the pressure, and not take so much weight from the pool's water, so that when the pool is drained, it is not going to place that much pressure below ground, causing the pool to pop up.

Although there is no way to stop the problem 100 percent (and in most contracts, the Fort Walton Beach pool contractors will have a clause stating they are not liable if pop ups do occur), the control valve is likely to reduce a great deal of pressure which is under ground, and which is going to help in controlling the pop ups which might take place, especially in the regions of the country where the pressure is extremely high below ground. So, speaking to your Fort Walton Beach pool contractors about installing this valve, what it is going to do as far as relieving pressure, and how much pressure it is going to be able to relieve, are all issues a home owner has to consider, and talk to the contractor about, when they are choosing to install, or repair, or redesign the entire pool area outside their home.

Due to the pressure in many areas, this problem is going to occur in many pools, and it can cost the home owner an extremely high amount in costs, to have the problems repaires (in some cases over 10,000 dollars to do the job). Therefore, prior to this happening to your outdoor space, taking the time to learn about the hydrostatic pressure, where it is likely to be the worst, and what the contractor can do in order to alleviate, and lessen the pressure to some extent, are all factors to keep in mind when hiring your contractors. The more knowledgable your Fort Walton Beach pool contractors are, the longer they have been doing this work, and the more experience they have in the industry, the greater the chances are that they will do the job right.

Author is Jeff Kibler, owner of Pool Works in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

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