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ASUS N53SV-SX792V: A Powerful Laptop Computer

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If you have bee in search of a new laptop that will offer you the power and the capability that you need, you need not look any further than the ASUS N53SV-SX792V. This is a computer that will provide you with all that you have been looking for, and probably more.

When you need a laptop computer that will give you the powerful audio capabilities that you want or need, this is a great computer for you. It features ASUS SonicMaster, a capability that brings audio to a notebook that have all of the processing protocols and speaker construction that you wouldn't normally see on a laptop. Finally there is a laptop without distortion due to poor speakers and audio technology--which is a nice change from what has been experienced in the past.

Additionally, the ASUS N53SV-SX792V has been fitted with Video Magic Technology. This is an image enhancement capability that allows for content to be optimized for full and vivid effects. The GPU processes speeds up for computing and for multimedia multitasking for the best video appearance.

The ASUS N53SV-SX792V laptop also features GeForce. This is a graphics processing unit that helps to provide smooth visuals. This technology drives performances and allows for detailed gaming and high definition video playback that you won't find on other notebooks.

The notebook features many different specs and capabilities that you just won't find on a lot of other laptops that you might shop for. These features are what make the ASUS N53SV-SX792V so unique. Some of these specs and features include but are not limited to:

? MS Windows 7 Professional 64 bit operating system ? Intel Core Processor i5 2430M 2. ? Mobile Intel HM65 Express Chipset ? 4096 MB Memory ? 4 SODIMM Slots ? 750 GB hard drive ? SuperMulti DVD ? NVIDIA GeForce Graphics ? 802.11 b/g/n wireless capabilities ? Integrated Gigabit Ethernet Controller ? 2.0 MP webcam ? 3 USB 2.0 ports and 1 USB 3.0 Port ? Wave Keyboard ? HDMI, VGA, RJ45, Headphone/Microphone and AC Adapter capabilities ? 6-cell Lithium Ion batteries ? 90W AC Adapter ? 2.60kg weight ? 2 Year warranty

As you can see when looking at these specs and the many features, there is nothing like the ASUS N53SV-SX792V laptop computer. You'll be able to do everything that you have ever wanted to do on a computer and then some. You won't have to give up anything in terms of speed, storage or capability just because it is a laptop, rather you might find that it is the most functional laptop you have ever had. When you compare all of the capabilities of the unit to others, you'll find that this is not just a functional computer but one that will also give you the most value for your money. When you purchase this computer you can buy with the peace of mind that it will continue to be viable and relevant well into the future of computing.

If you are looking for the best experience when it comes to ASUS N53SV-SX792V, take a look at this site!

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