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biological tourism Sustainable development in eco-tourism and how to achieve real eco-tourism in China from ancient to new era Nowadays environmental problem have become more and more important. The negative impact of tourism has attracted a great attention. Enviroment industry develops at very high speed.Enviroment industry service and management structure should be adjusted To protect and improve the ecological environment to ensure a sustainable use of field land. In 1983 IUCN(International Union for Conservation of NatureanNatural Resource) special adviser H.Ceballos-Lascurain brought up a new idea "eco-tourism", from that time eco-tourism has greatly developed in some western countries.To forward the enviroment industry technique,we should add science and technique component,technique equipment standard should be improved But there continues to be some problems not only in china but also all over the world. This essay will firstly consider Criticisms and self-examination. Secondly the definition will be explored real eco-tourism in China. Thirdly it will explore possible ways to achieve and sustainability. Criticisms and self-examination China's tourism development is shorter. People in china lack of scientific understanding of relationship between tourism and environment that "smokeless industry is tourism," the concept is still popular, most eco-tourism development still remain in the initial stage, Stressed that going to the nature of tourism, stressed that the development of tourism resources while neglecting the travel itself could lead to the impact on the environment and resource damage. It is a real integrated subject of protecting eco-tourism.Include aerography,geology,landscape,resources and so on subjects.Configuration Plants group,city biology,and landscape sight structure. In fact, the development of tourism in China has brought serious environmental pollution, specifically in the following aspects: 1. extensive mode of tourism resources development.Many parts of the government departments concerned in the development of tourism resources, lack of in-depth investigation, comprehensive scientific feasibility studies and planning. In particular the development of new tourist areas, developers' instant success, in the absence of the necessary feasibility studies and master plan under the conditions, they blindly carry out exploration, extensive development. Be short of protection, resulting in many non-renewable precious tourism resources of the damage and waste. Such as: the "fairy-tale world," Jiuzhaigou, now, because of upstream and the surrounding forest been cut off with a large areas, the lake water here for the annual lower 6-30 cm, Huanglong is also becoming degradation. If the government does nothing to protect the karst Hu, it will be decline too early. What is even more puzzling is that the departments only concerned to have more and more tourist. They built many large hotels which is a seriously damaged of the atmosphere of the natural landscape.

China's tourism development and utilization of winter view still in the unplanned state. Many areas have found wonderful scenery in the winter; the departments will development this place with a very fast way. After opening up they also did nothing to control the number of the visitors, too many tourists excessive speed up the insideof sediments. Some big holes open too large and too long, both within and outside air convection speed up in the holes, too many people could exhaled carbon dioxide gas destroyed the rock in the cave and the environmental balance, which will caused the aging of the winter scenery.

Wildlife is very important and precious tourism resources.Mismanagement, poor law enforcement is in many parts of the development of tourism resources, many wild animals killed by the indiscriminate chaos, some restaurants were used wild animals as food to attract the attention of tourists, even above many endangered species. It is a very sad thing. Care for the wild animal sand protect them, should become one of the most important element in eco-tourism and should pay more attention in it. 2. Scenic ecological system disorders In recent decades, the artificial landscape, commercialization and urbanization China's landscape, including the "World Heritage List" of the landscape, more and more destroyed, In the landscape people fried stone and deforestation. Or flash floods, destroyed the road; Long drought or no rain, water depletion, water shortage, leading to natural and human landscape very uncoordinated, and destroyed the landscape Complete. Ever green's four seasons in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, in recent decades, due to land reclamation vigorously pursued the form of deforestation, forest-to-energy, a sharp decline in the forest area so that the original sound ecological environment has been seriously damaged. Some landscape areas for economic purposes, keen on hotels, restaurants, construction and blind expansion of tourism, construction of tourism facilities. To the tramway as an example, all countries in the world as a national park on the mountain are strictly control the construction of the tramway, which the United States, Japan is strictly prohibited. Japan's Mount Fuji 3,776 m above sea level, the only road to repair over 2,000 meters, more visitors, but also their own step by step to the board. But in China, some of the ancient mountains on the construction of a modern tramway, or even repair a few. Some mountain's altitude is less than 100M, also construction the tramway. Tramway which built in natural scenic area, not only destroyed the original appearance of the natural scenic area, but also made the tourists focus on the limited area of the peak, resulting in landscape and ecological damage. With the heat of the Nature Reserve set off, protection of the region's fragile ecosystems have been fatal blow. Survey shows that tourism has already started in the protected areas, only 16 percent conduct regular environmental monitoring work, and some protect area even have none regular environmental monitoring work at all. According to scientific monitoring to control the number of tourists to the protected areas for only 20 percent from all, a number of protected areas has emerged the phenomenon of overcrowding. This situation will make the living place of wild animals and plants reduce a lot and also changing the food system of them, which will also leading to the death of the wild animals and the destroyed of ecological environment.

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