"The Tantra Chair – Designed to Enhance Lovemaking by Zen By Design"
by www.TantraChair.com
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Are you tired of your flat boring bed?

Are you ready to take your lovemaking to the next level?

Explore the sacred sexual positions of the Kama Sutra with this amazing and unique chair design. This finely crafted, most exquisite tantric sex chair is designed to greatly enhance sexual positions. With this unique chair, not only will you experience unparalleled comfort and support, but you will also experience glorious new sensations as The Tantra Chair gently guides and effortlessly changes your pelvic angles during lovemaking.

Is it a yoga chair? Yes.

Is it a lovemaking chair? Yes.

Can I use it for everyday living? There's nothing more comfortable!

The Tantra Chair was designed to blend seamlessly into your home environment. Often referred to as the world's finest piece of functional art, the Tantra Chair will also impress you with its exceptional quality and unsurpassed versatility. Whether you are using it for sacred sex, yoga stretching or just relaxing with a good book, this amazing design will exceed your every expectation.

Thank you so much for your interest in The Tantra Chair. The Tantra Chair is considered a "green" product as we use the finest, environmentally safe components to create this design. The UltraLeather is stain resistant, anti-microbial, simple to clean and will last a lifetime.

Achieve the Best Sexual Positions and build your own Tantra Chair today! Visit http://www.TantraChair.com

Contact the Author

Designs and creations of fine furnishings for meditation and sacred intimacy. A. Vitaro founded Zen By Design in 2001 and his furniture designs have graced nearly every country around the world. Inspired by the serenity of the ocean and the elegant beauty of the female form, his vision is infused in each and every one of his designs. See his designs at http://www.TantraChair.com


Site: http://www.tantrachair.com/bestsexualpositions.html

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the best sexual positions

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