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Creating An Automotive Theme Garage Or Office

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The final touches of an automotive theme garage or office does not end with the floor tiles, or paint selection, but with the wall hangings. Ninety percent of the garages and offices have standard photographs, large banners, race flags, and other themed items. What can make your garage of office different, and be the envy of your buddies is custom wall hangings that use your car as the main focus.

Many people that create a theme office or garage often do not plan it from start to end with every detail, as they would for other elements of their houses of cars. When planning the area, you need to think beyond the paint colors, floor tiles, and even that corvette telephone, and think of it as museum to show case your vehicle. Look in the garage of the Mustang owner, I can guarantee that most have a banner that says Ford or Mustang, the Harley owner has a Harley logo on the wall, and most likely a decal on their daily vehicle. All of that stuff is off the shelf, and is expected, and is typical. You have selected the diamond plate cabinets, the checkered floor tiles to make your area a bit different then your buddies, but do not stop there. Consider adding custom photography to your museum and show place.

Open your mind and think of what would be different. How about a wall poster, with your car, not some production poster? What about a portable display board that would tell everyone about your car, that you could take to car shows? Just open your mind and I am sure that the ideas will start to flow. Now imagine when others enter your area and see what you have. They will want their own personalized and custom and not off the shelve garage.

The question is, how can you create this custom art? The evolution of computer generated graphics and photography enhancement has made this affordable to the individual, as well as smaller companies to enter this area. There are some companies such as that can help you accomplish this by transforming your everyday pictures into custom art. A few other examples include something as simple as a picture of your car overlaid on the engine compartment, or a key element such as the gas cap of that Mustang GT. By combining this level of graphics, a plain photograph is transformed from just a photograph to an expression of personality.

Plan every detail of your space and make it unique by using these ideas.

Anthony Palmieri founded Palmieri Concepts after 20 years of creating custom art work for his own pleasure and enjoyment. This business grew out of a love for motor vehicles and was started to share with others what started out as a hobby. After taking how his own pride and joys (yes this really started with family pictures and not cars) and combining them with creativity, it became obvious that many others would like to showcase their trophies as he has done. 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