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How To Get My Sexless Wife Interested Again- I Need To Find Proven Ways That Work!

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Intimacy is crucial to the balance and make up of a relationship or marriage. However what if your sexual chemistry is not there anymore? If you are a man in this situation and you want a solution to the statement how to get my sexless wife interested again then you need to read on! If intimacy has all but disappeared from your marriage then you may be wandering if it can be saved. Well the answer (you might be surprised to hear) is that there is a very good chance that you could get your marriage back on track quickly. If you are certain that there is no medical condition that is preventing lack of intimacy, then there may well be some underlying problems that you need to get to the bottom of.

One of the first causes of intimacy problems within a marriage might well be unresolved conflict. For example if your wife is still angry about something that happened a while back it would be very difficult for her to feel relaxed around you. Therefore you have to talk to her and try to resolve the main issue however deep rooted this may be. It may well mean a lot of compromising on your part, but until that anger and resentment has gone, you may not be able to move forward.

Another reason that a lack of intimacy has occurred might well be because she feels that she has probably put on a few pounds since you first met and she feels very self conscious about her body shape. This can lead to feelings of embarrassment and even feeling ashamed. If you feel that this might be the case then tell her that you still find her attractive and love her for who she is and what she brings to the marriage.

Changing dynamics may well be another factor that can cause intimacy problems. For example, when you first got married there were just the two of you. If you wanted to go to the cinema or go to your favourite restaurant then you could do so. If you wanted to stay in with a romantic movie, a box of popcorn and an early night, then it wasn't a problem. However some years later, children have come into the fray. Your responsibilities change, as do your priorities. It is all too easy to get stuck into the daily grind and things suddenly become quite monotonous. One of the ways to change this is to suggest maybe once a week that you devote some time for just the two of you. See if someone will babysit the children, leaving you free to go on a date! It doesn't have to cost any money; it may well be something as simple as packing up a picnic and driving to your favourite beauty spot. Doing this will bring your togetherness and closeness back, and eventually your sex life.

As you can see, these are things that you can start to put in place today to start to fix your love life. However if you are really serious and want more answers to the plea "How to get my sexless wife interested again" that will help you get your marriage back on track, then you need to visit It could change your life!

Julio Gomez is a full time article marketer, working mainly in the relationship conflict and marriage fields. Julio has had his fair share of relationship troubles, and now feels compelled to help other people in their quest for a happy relationship.

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