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Chemotherapy Success With Aloe Vera

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Chemotherapy doesn't have to be a dreadful experience for cancer patients. Aloe vera juice, that is pure and of good quality, helps by strengthening the body's natural immune system to fight cancer cells while at the same time protecting healthy cells from irreversible damage that normally is caused by chemotherapy. A cancer patient taking aloe vera juice during chemotherapy will, more than likely, experience far fewer side effects and nausea and far greater probability of success in either eliminating the cancer or having the cancer go into remission.

This scientific article by Dr. Lawrence G. Plaskett: "Aloe and Cancer" reveals the clinically proved benefits of taking aloe vera during chemotherapy. In fact it is good to take aloe vera everyday to maintain proper health. I am personally taking 4oz. of aloe vera daily mixed with juice so that the taste doesn't bother me.

Walmart stores carry aloe vera in gallon jugs at a very affordable price. Food really is the best medicine! For thousands of years, in all sorts of cultures, aloe vera has been successfully used for all sorts of ailments. Walmart uses the best part of the aloe vera plant and their aloe vera plants are all organically grown and the juice is pure (no fillers or additives).

Modern science shows that aloe vera, a desert plant, contains many vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Taking aloe vera on a regular basis can help prevent serious disease and, as mentioned already, can help the body to heal from various ailments and diseases including cancer. The proof is in the thousands of individuals who have experienced the benefits of aloe vera over the centuries.

Aloe vera is food so it shouldn't interfere with any prescription medication an individual is already taking. Find out first if you're allergic to aloe vera. Rub some on your skin. If your skin doesn't break out then go ahead and start off with a 4 oz. glass every day. If you have a medical condition consider taking two or three 4 oz. glasses a day.

The taste is not good so consider using honey, orange juice, apple juice, whatever sweetener you like to make it easier for you to drink the juice. Sweetening the juice will not lessen its effectiveness. The benefits of the juice gets will get into your system whether or not you sweeten the juice.

I personally know of someone at work who had very high blood pressure. She took three 4 oz. glasses of aloe vera for one month and her blood pressure returned completely back to normal. Now that her blood pressure is back to normal normal, she is taking only one 4oz glass of aloe vera juice daily to maintain her health. Aloe vera won't cause side effects like many prescription medicines. And because aloe vera is all food you can safely take it with prescription medication.

Here is a link to a very interesting article, "The Aloe Vera Miracle" by Mike Adams: For pennies a day you can be healthy or regain your health.

There is no money to made by the medical profession or hospitals by giving patients aloe vera or any other natural remedy. The drug companies hold medical doctors and hospitals in their hands. Prescription medication is a multi-billion dollar money-making machine. Yes, some prescriptions are good. I am not saying all prescription medications are bad.

Many research scientists at major public universities continually report how foods in nature can help prevent or heal diseases. This information, for the most part, doesn't get taught in medical schools, particularly in the United States. There is a big disconnect between university research scientists and the medical profession, again, especially in the United States.

God may very well have put within aloe vera everything the body needs for good health. All medicine is from chemicals. You have the choice between taking God's chemicals in nature or man's chemicals from the laboratory.

I am not making any money from any company or corporation in giving you this advice about the health benefits of aloe vera juice.

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