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Pick 3 Numbers - How To Win The Pick 3 Lottery

by Robert Walsh
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Robert Walsh Enterprises announces the publication of their newest book "How To Play & Win the Pick 3 Lottery".

The Pick 3 System in this book follows up on Robert Walsh's first book, "Play & Win Daily Pick 4 With Big Cash Winning Numbers" (2009). His newest book introduces a revolutionary new approach on how to play and win the Pick 3 Lottery.

It clearly separates itself from all previous, old standard Pick 3 Lottery Systems available on the internet and offline over the last twenty or thirty years. It does not rely on hot/cold, even/odd, overdue numbers, number frequencies, and all other filters. And, there are no wheels.

This is a brand new Pick 3 Lottery System that has never been seen before. But don't let that fool you. The author backs up his very unique par excellence Pick 3 System with research dating back to the 1990's with the Illinois Pick 3 Lottery.

His brand new System is so advanced, it's like going from the Wright Brother first flight to the Space Shuttle, and yet is also so simple of a concept I wonder why no one thought of it before.

It reduces the numbers you look at to play from 1,000 down to 125.

The author's new Pick 3 Lottery System is so simple that if you can count on one hand, you can skillfully master his Strategies in a short time. Robert Walsh, as in his first book, does the bulk of the work for you. You just match the Lottery number (see Chapter 8) you want to play to his table of numbers which he gives you in the book, and go play them.

Mr. Walsh very convincingly has added a month worth of data from 2009 from every Pick 3 Lottery in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, Belgium, Chile, Peru, and Puerto Rico to verify the depth of success that is potentially waiting to be unearthed just like a hidden buried treasure.

The economic data for each monthly lottery chart is a powerhouse for financial opportunity. This is based on the fact that all Pick 3 Straight Wins, as indicated by the use of strategies, come from just one, two, or both of the two previous drawn Pick 3 numbers. Mr. Walsh only uses Midday to Midday and Evening to Evening draws. This shows a Straight Win result within a period of just three draws.

The Pick 3 results consistently show thousands of dollars worth of Straight Pick 3 Wins in these sample monthly charts for each and every Pick 3 lottery named. It leaves room for additional financial gains by applying the author's strategies to the interaction between Midday and Evening and also Evening to the following Midday draw. There is still more winning potential from three and four draws backs in all these areas.

The author suggests that even catching a quarter of the sample wins can be very lucrative by following his investment and money management strategies. With each win the Pick 3 player antes up his/her investment level to double or triple their winnings with the next win. With more monies in the investment pool after each win, the size of the investment and winnings keep increasing.

With the Pick 3 Straight Win starting at $500 dollars per $1 investment moving up his "Ladder of Success" step by step the Player moves to a $1000 then to a $1500 level, and so on. This is one of the very few, or possibly the only System that offers a Money Management and Investment Strategy just as the author did in his first Pick 4 Book.

Lastly, the author is very big on the educational/learning component. As Mr. Walsh sells both his Systems as a "Lifetime Money Making System", he strongly suggests to everyone who buys his Pick 3 Strategies to "Practice and Learn the System and Strategies" by playing on paper first, and not shortcut the learning process. Once you learn the "SKILL of HOW TO PLAY AND WIN THE PICK 3 LOTTERY", you will have this Skill for a LIFETIME!

The author also offers a FREE Preview of ''Chapter 27" from his revolutionary Pick 3 Book.

Brand new Pick 3 System, “How To Play & Win The Pick 3 Lottery” by Robert Walsh, revolutionizes the way the Pick 3 Lotto is played worldwide. FREE Preview of “Chapter 27” is available at

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