"Christian Business Principles"
by Laurie Neumann
Stop Trading Hours for Dollars

Practicing good Christian business principles is essential to having a business that honors God. As a Christian business owner, don't you want God to be pleased with how you do business? After all, your business is a gift from God, and it is only right that you run it in a way that gives Him honor.

As you look around today at businesses, especially those on the internet, I think you will find many that do not adhere to Christian business principles. They may not even know what they are. You will see businesses that make false claims or are run in way that is totally self-serving. Not to mention all the scams that take people's money and promise them things that they cannot follow through with. It's very sad.

However, we have a chance to be different and to stand out from the rest in our business dealings. Don't ever think that your business is separate from the rest of your life and doesn't need to follow Christian principles. This is not so.

We need to be honest and fair when we are dealing with others in our business, whether it be customers or employees. We should treat them with kindness and respect and go the extra mile to help them. Offering excellent customer service is a basic Christian business practice that you should consider. Don't be surprised if you see your business take off as a result.

Other business principles that we, as Christians, should be exhibiting are looking out for others' needs, even at the expense of making a sale. If we cannot give a customer what they really need, we should be happy to recommend another product or solution. "Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others." Philippians 2:4

Giving is another area where we can please God with our business. God wants us to share and help each other when there is a need. Giving part of the income from your business is one way you can be obedient and help others in the process. However, don't let people take advantage of you. Some people believe that, as Christians, we should give everything away and not make money on it. I do not believe this is Biblical.

Adopting good Christian business principles will not only honor God, but will also bless your business.

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Laurie has owned Christian Home Business Connection for over three years. She offers legitimate opportunities and resources to help you get started in a home business you can enjoy and profit from. She also offers coaching to help you choose and market your home business.

Laurie Neumann

Site: http://www.christianhomebusinessconnection.com

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