"Webcams for free from all over the world"
by Alex Keys
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Recently I've found an awesome website. It's full of links for live webcams from all over the world. My Gash, there are even online webcams from Africa and Antarctica. Online webcam can become good alternative to weather forecast I suppose. If you go to trip you can just click on the region you need and free webcam gives you probably more fair information than any forecast channel. Online webcam is also perfect way to amuse yourself. If you are a fan of online movies, be sure you would like online performance, exactly documentary, from hundred thousand countries around the world. My dream was to watch Europe, and now it came true due to live webcams from Paris, Amsterdam and Rome. I can't imagine everything seems to be so tiny there. Is this an effect of webcam or all these European cities are really toy-towns. That's not the same as if you click on link of webcam in New-York or Moscow. Free webcams from the most remote areas are available at www.webcam-list.com. And there are not only live pictures but also commentaries of users, which makes webcam experience even more interesting. Furthermore there is rating of most interesting online webcams as well as list of recently added free webcams. What I like most in watching webcam is that it's not fiction but reality. Due to online webcam I become a part of real life in all over the world. And what is also important, that I get all this pleasure watching online webcams for free.

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Alex Keys 27y.o. Kyev, Ukraine

Alex Keys

Site: http://www.webcam-list.com

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