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Mobila dormitor makes the most drool-worthy furniture sets

by Mobila dormitor
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Mobila dormitor makes custom modern furniture bedroom sets so amazing that you can't help but falling in love with.

Either find your dream furniture or get inspired with modern design ideas for custom made pieces. Mobila dormitor makes quality custom made furniture. Find designer furniture for your home including matching coffee tables to dining sets. has only the best modern bedroom furniture for your space.

Find the latest designs in modern classic contemporary bedroom furniture. Featuring European platform beds without or with orthopedic slats. A wide range of furniture from Italian bedroom furniture to stainless steel and exotic woods like African rosewood. Mobila dormitor is a well known supplier of designer bedroom. Some of the finest solid wood bedroom sets from Latin America with mirrors, solid wood night tables and dressers will amaze you.

Visit now and take advantage of our promotions. The stock is limited for all the furniture presented on the main home page. Alternatively you can order custom made furniture for your bedroom. Either you supply the design or a team of experts from will make one based on your needs and wishes.

Mobila dormitor Bucharest, Romania

Mobila dormitor Bucharest, Romania

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