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Star Trek Online Science Officer Guide

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Bravo! A MMORPG has arrived that is worthy of bearing the Star Trek trademark. The epic world of Star Trek has opened its gates with the release of this so cool STO game. If you are new to this game, it is unlike any other typical MMORPG. Why? Because the game does not use "leveling" for character progression, but rather is "skill-based". You can level entirely by PvP. Basically, you start as an Ensign and 'rank' all the way up to an Admiral. Because STO is skill-based more than level-based, the player is awarded skill points rather than experience. These points are available for use to improve skills which become increasingly refined as you move up through the ranks in Starfleet. At the end of the game you'll find your character is hyper-specialized! Start using a Star Trek Science Officer guide to level quickly and master PvP. Player Progression is at the heart of every MMORG, and is often what we players think about the most. Enter the science officer. How long will it take him to get to the good content? What does he do to gain experience? Since each player will be one of the five ranks, there's variety in both the skills a character chooses, as well as a character's selected career path. The known STO career paths are Engineer, Doctor, Tactical Officer and Science Officer. A character's chosen career path alters which skills are available to them at each level. You will need to know what skills each character has. This is where a Star Trek Online Science Officer guide comes into play. Remember too: what makes or breaks a game is how entertaining and interesting we find each character and his road to the top. It will answer many questions that we may have, such as: What Role does a STO Science Officer play? A Science Officer and his department are responsible for: collecting and analyzing gathered data in the course of the duty station's exploration; classifying discovered planets and species; analyzing flora, fauna, and geological samples; and reporting on their findings. Science officers are usually the ones operating the tricorders. The head of the department is the Chief Science Officer (CSO). By the way, separate guides are available for each of the three branches (tactical, engineering, and science). This is vital, because remember, each type of officer offers its own unique abilities. For example, the science officer an use tachyon beams to bring down shields. Cool!

Why and How do I determine what is a good Star Trek Online Science Officer Guide? With an online guide, you avoid the 'trial and error' way of learning i.e. wasting valuable time learning the "how-to's" and then doing everything wrong and have to start all over again. With so many guide options available, why risk doing this? Whether you find your guide a worthwhile buy and helpful, will depend on two things: whether the Table of Contents looks comprehensive and if the format of the guide seems structured. Don't waste your time and money on a Star Trek Online Science Officer Guide that reads superficially. Whichever guide you choose, long-time gamers will tell you that grabbing a copy will ensure you getting into the excitement of the game right away and fast. Don't miss out on one of the STO guides published just around launch times which are usually right on target. Warning: If you're wondering whether to join an easy-access 'free' community where you can post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access several other special features (however useful this may prove to be), this is simply no replacement for having your own Start Trek Online Science Officer Guide which will help you be the master of the game.

So, do you want to start fully mastering your Science Officer? Today? Right now? Visit: STO Science Officer Guide

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