"Astaga!com Lifestyle, News Portal No.1 on Indonesia"
by Martin Juanda
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Astaga.com Lifestyle On The Net, that's the mission of one of the news portal in Indonesia, namely Astaga.com. Astaga.com Lifestyle On The Net, these keywords also recently the subject of conversations with bloggers in Indonesia, maybe even up to 3 months in advance, Astaga.com lifestyle on the net will be way of life in cyberspace for Indonesian bloggers.

Why? Since starting on November 30 last until February 03 Maret 2010, Astaga.com opened SEO contest with prizes totaling more than 30 Million Rupiah, WOW!! great isn't it?

Yes, SEO contest with the theme Astaga.com Lifestyle On The Net is certainly invite the bloggers on the net to participate in it. So, do not overdo it, if I was saying that Astaga.com will become the latest lifestyle for Indonesian bloggers? at least until the Astaga.com contest ends:).

What is Astaga.com?

As we all already know, Astaga.com is one of the news portal in Indonesia. News portals whose content is dominated by the lifestyle and entertaintment.

Astaga.com first time launching (read:online) May 28, 1999, and accounted for after 10 years he was active on the net, in the year 2009 is rather dated October 5, portals Astaga.com reborn or born again with a new look is much more 'gress' (interesting) and good views. It is appropriate if the future many surfers assume a virtual world that Astaga.com is Lifestyle On The Net.

What news that's on the Astaga.com?

In presenting the news on its Web site, Astaga.com provide various alloys and the choice for the Astaga.com member or visitor in the net that is not listed. News is presented in the form of writings, videos, pictures, news and even in the form of audio was available on the Astaga.com Lifestyle On The Net.

Wow. . . Interesting isn't it?

As I explained in earlier articles, lifestyle news and entertainment became predominant in the portal Astaga.com. Lifestyle and entertainment is meant here is all about lifestyle and knowledge of the entertainment world is a trend on the net, both in Indonesia and abroad.

Do you remember, that a year ago Astaga.com is one of the largest portal in Indonesia?

Yep. . . Although today more and more news portals on the net, but I'm sure. . . Astaga.com will keep many fans. Because Astaga.com always provide interesting news about the lifestyle, which we will not find on other news portals on the Internet. Well, let's say Astaga.com has 'its own style'. And so did other news portal in Indonesia, they certainly have the characteristics of each as Astaga.com Lifestyle On The Net is.

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