"Know the Symptoms First For Efficient Auto AC System"
by Pricne Ghunam
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Auto AC System is an essential part of a vehicle. We can't imagine a drive without AC system turn on. How do you go to office if the AC is not working? Fortunately, Auto AC systems are pretty reliable these days. New vehicles rarely give problems. But when your vehicle is getting old, you will notice cooling problems.

"It's very useful to know about symptoms of bad AC System to prevent costly repairs. Prevention and early attention can save lot of money." Says Car Parts Warehouse, who is a USA based, trusted supplier of original AC Compressor accessories. Here are some common symptoms of bad AC system. - If you hear abnormal noises or vibration when the AC fan is on, it could be a signal for alert. It could be due to debris in the blower. - No cool air or insufficient cool air. - Noisy or seized compressor. -If you feel air is less after driving for awhile, it might mean the evaporator is freezing Up."

Further more Car Parts Warehouse website suggests "Please be careful about the refrigerant and refrigerant oil. Operating the AC System with low refrigerant not only causing poor cooling, may damage the whole system due to the poor lubricant flow. Make sure to service the AC system annually. Also make sure to use correct refrigerant and refrigerant oil. Using incorrect refrigerant or oil can cause damage and poor performance. Car Parts Warehouse is a reliable supplier of high quality AC Compressor and AC accessories such as a/c compressor, AC Condenser, etc. If you like more information about this topic, please call 1-800-565-5021 or visit http://www.carpartswarehouse.com/part/ac-compressor.html

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Pricne Ghunam
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Site: http://www.carpartswarehouse.com/part/ac-compressor.html

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