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Bad Marriage? 4 Ways To Recognize Depression To Improve Your Marriage

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Depression is one of the biggest causes that a good marriage between two good people goes sour and turns into a bad marriage. When you think about it, this really isn't at all surprising. A person who suffers from depression doesn't see good in the world and can't appreciate being loved and helped by their spouse . They don't appreciate what is being done for them and obviously they don't show appreciation.

This causes their spouse to be resentful, frustrated, and then they begin to pull away from the relationship. The path that leads from feeling resentful and frustrated to arguing, fighting, and divorce isn't too long.

It is very important to understand that depression often times effects men and women very differently. This can be very harmful because someone might miss the signs of depression in their spouse (because their experience of depression has completely opposite symptoms). This, in turn, causes them to look for remedies that are completely off base.

In this article I will present to you how to identify 4 signs of depression that are different in men and in women so that you will be able to help your spouse get the proper care and restore your marriage (and spouse).

For instance:

1. Changes in sleep patterns. The way that depression effects sleeping patterns is typically different between men and women . Women tend to sleep more when they are depressed while men tend to have problems sleeping; waking up in the middle of the night, waking up early in the morning and not able to fall back asleep, or having trouble falling asleep.

2. Moods. The classical picture of a depressed person is someone who walks slowly, despondently, and he holds his chin so low that it almost scrapes the pavement. This is true concerning women's depression. However concerning men it is completely different. Some of the major signs of depression in men are anger, aggression, irritability, and sometimes even violence. A women who sees this might not realize that her husband is depressed but will interpret his behavior completely differently.

3. A third difference between men and women is that men tend to lose their appetite and eat less when they are depressed while women tend to eat more when they suffer from depression..

4. Another difference, is that women are more aware and in tune with their feelings and will verbalize that they feel hopeless or lost. On the other hand men, who might view such an emotion as a character fault and weakness (Even though that I'm a man, I still can't figure out why men view emotions as a weakness) usually will complain about other things but not mention their feelings.

If you don't want depression to ruin your marriage then it must be treated. Before it is treated, however, you have to recognize the symptoms of depression in your spouse. If you see that your spouse is demonstrate the 4 above symptoms go immediately for help. Your marriage is worth it.

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