"Bed Bug Pics To Help You Spot These Tiny Perpetrators - What do Bed Bugs Look Like to the Human Eye "
by Jayden Storms
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Just like hunting most wanted criminals, pictures are beneficial to warn the public of how dangerous these people presented are. This is similar to the case of parasites. Bed bug pics will help you recognize the type of insects that have been the root cause of widespread residential and commercial reinfestations lately. In first identifying the perpetrator , you can be confident in implementing the required solution to eliminate the problem. Simply put, if you have this pest infesting your home, you have to be certain of what bed bugs look like and solidly identify them as the invader before you apply targeted pest control measures.

What Are Bed Bugs? Bed bugs are little, non-flying insects that belong to a family which is characterized to bite people. These pests prefer to inhabit dark, humid, and isolated areas near the human hosts. Although bed bugs are unable to fly, they can travel relatively long distances just to reach the prey - humans. Bed bugs are also excellent hitchhikers making them capable of transferring from one region to another quite easily. They can just simply crawl on your luggage from any infested place of accommodation to hitch a ride going to your possible destination where they can build another nest.

What do Bed Bugs Look Like to the Human Eye and How Big are Bed Bugs? The size of adult bed bugs reaches 5-7mm long while the newly hatched are as tiny as 1.5mm. These insects somewhat look similar to wood ticks or little cockroaches. Normally, adult bed bugs have a reddish-brown color that becomes darker after a lavish meal while nymphs appear to be translucent and reddish only after a blood meal. Yes, Bed Bugs Infestation is Back! It was believed that bed bugs have been ultimately put to an end with DDT several years ago, but the renaissance of these pests has brought quite a huge surprise to many. Today, bed bugs have once again come to visit and disturb homes in multitudes if given no action. It is just about time to respond and do something to eradicate these extremely irritating parasites. Lucky for you, there are effective, natural and safe methods to treat Bed Bugs. The best part is that the treatment is guaranteed. But first, take a closer look at the profile of your target with the bed bug pics featured below.

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