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3 FAQs About The Best Solution For Depression

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It is shocking to realize that of the 19 million people suffering from depression in the United States, only about a third of these people will actually seek treatment. In this article I want to answer three commonly asked questions and indicate what is possibly the best solution for depression.

1st FAQ:- Are boot camps one of the best solutions for depression in teenagers? When teenagers are depressed, it may be for many complex reasons. Very often, though, it is due to the stress of becoming an adult which is often painful and difficult or it may be a result of family conflict. If the problem is due to the latter, a 'wilderness program' or boot camp may not be the answer. This is because they use confrontational therapies and severe punishments but there is no scientific evidence at all that this is either effective or safe.

On the other hand, family therapy has had much success especially where the problem is in fact rooted in family relationships. Some research was actually carried out at the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia which studied 66 teenagers who were depressed and at times suicidal. The group which had family therapy as opposed to conventional treatment with some medication, were four times more likely to be free of suicidal thoughts. They were less depressed and the outlook in the long term was much more positive. Family therapy in that particular case was the best solution for depression.

2nd FAQ:- When should I get treatment if I am depressed? Many people go through bad patches and are sad because of illness, the loss of a partner or family member and it is perfectly normal to be depressed. These are negative life events and depression is a natural consequence. However, experts advise that if depression persists for more than two months , then we might be facing a depressive episode. These signs of depression are oversleeping or insomnia, eating disorders, worthlessness and a total lack of interest in the usual activities.

3rd FAQ:- Why can't I take anti-depressants? These medications are a two edged sword in a way. Certainly they can provide relief of some depression symptoms and can enhance our mood. But it is all temporary and there is no real long term progress and that is why it cannot be regarded as really the best solution for depression. We have to look beyond prescription medication as the side effects and risks are severe. That means looking at complementary treatments and or lifestyle changes and deciding which one is best for us.

Now that we know what to look out for, it is time to look at the alternatives and see whether we can really apply these. Certainly, taking a herbal treatment is the best solution for depression according to some patients who have been through all this. Why not click through and see why this is so highly regarded as one of the most valid solutions for depression.

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