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Bulimia: a vicious circle!

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There are various actions which are followed by their reactions. It is one of the basic laws of physics. These laws are not only applicable to physics, but also to the things and actions in real life. To state some of examples, when we receive a gift, we definitely have the urge to return something to the presenter, if someone slaps the other person that another person naturally responds by hitting back. These are few examples of normal action and reaction. But there are some things related to even more serious action and reactions. One of the eating disorders is an example of this. It is bulimia nervosa. This is an eating disorder which involves binge eat and then purging.

Surrendering to stress is one of the base lines of why these disorders take place. Once a person looses the strength to fight the circumstances, he gives in. same thing happens when a person starts to curb the feeling of eating. Once he fails to control the urge to eat, he indulges into overeating. This overeating can only be stopped at the feeling of "going to explode". This kind of excessive eating can later lead to guilt of gaining weight due to this binge. Then the person involves into every kind of activity to get rid of the extra calories. These activities can include taking enema, using laxatives, exercising in excess, throwing up or going on crash diet or even fasting to get rid of calories consumed. Then due to these activities again there is an urge to eat. This is vicious circle. It continues endlessly and becomes very fatal if left unrecognized or untreated. But it can be broken and the person can live a normal life.

There are therapies available for treatment of bulimia nervosa. A typical bulimia nervosa treatment includes psychological counseling such as cognitive behavioral therapies which aims at improving the dietary habits and changing the thinking pattern. It directly aims at changing the mindset of the clients. It shows right ways to eat square meals rather than bingeing or purging. It also gives a new insight into the interpersonal relationships which might create a healthy and happy atmosphere at home. One of the other steps taken in the bulimia treatment program is recommending the antidepressant treatment to the client. These medicines help the client get over the depression which might be at the root of the binge eating. They are also taught to deal with stressful situations successfully.

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