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You may have seen the late night infomercials advertising that you can buy properties worth tens of thousands of dollars for as little as $100? Did you believe that it's possible to buy properties like that "free and clear" such a small amount? The difference between you and my friend Jack Bosch is that you probably did not believe these claims and he did.

Ten years ago he bought one of these manuals on how to buy Tax Delinquent Properties for as little as $100 and you know what, it didn't really work like he thought it would, but it did kind of work. So Jack kept with it and made some changes to it, improved it and made it better year after year until finally in 2002 he had figured out a system that worked really well. His system worked so well that over the next few months he became a millionaire by buying properties for as little as $100, and selling them for $2000 or $5000. Since then, he has personally bought and sold over 5,000 properties and made money consistently in good markets, great markets and in bad markets. Yes, my friend Jack is still making money at this in today's market. Even with the downturn in the real estate market, he's making money with his system of investing in tax delinquent properties.

So how did he do it? Jack has identified a system to find people who own properties that they no longer want. Once he finds these people he presents them with an extremely low offer on their property in a way that they are likely to accept it. He has a simple step by step system which allows anyone to have a massively successful mailing campaign to long time property owners who are frustrated and fed-up and have decided to let their property go for taxes.

Jack has it down to a science. He knows just how many letters he has to send out in order to get 100 responses and he knows just how many properties he's likely to purchase out of those 100 responses that he gets from his letters. It's a simple numbers game. And the best thing about his system is that it does not require cold calls, or any kind of "sales" technique.

No, the property owner actually calls you and you then make an offer in writing without even talking to the seller again. So if the property owner likes your offer, great, he'll accept it. If he doesn't like it, he can toss it out, but you don't have to face the uncomfortable situation of having to negotiate with sellers.

It is possible to buy property for as little as $100, you just need to have the right system in place and you need to have a targeted approach and not just some vague idea of how to do it.

Get more information on Jack Bosch and his Land Profit method of investing in tax delinquent properties at Joanne Musa works with investors who want to reap the rewards of investing in profitable tax lien certificates and tax deeds. Her tax lien investing articles appear all over the Internet. Tax Lien Lady’s Member’s Area is designed to help you navigate though the steps to building a profitable portfolio of tax liens or tax deeds. With 3 full courses, dozens of videos, and monthly webinar training, you’ll quickly move forward on your journey to tax lien investing success! Join us at

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buy properties for $100

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