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97% Of everyone who gives their heart and soul to make a full time income with Cash 1234 System, or any other mlm company(Network Marketing) fail in a miserable way, and loose their shirts. These stories have plagued the mlm industry since it's conception. Many have lost cars, homes, and more importantly relationships seeking to bring their dreams into a reality through the mlm business model.

Out of the 3% who are fortunate enough to make any money, 2% are compensated minuscule amounts for their undying efforts. Unfortunately, this group is usually the one's who are forced out of the mlm industry temporarily, and often times spend a fraction of their lives bouncing from one mlm company to another, until they ultimately quit all together.

Cash 1234 System along with so many other mlm companies survive off the production of their "heavy hitters", auto ship, and the huge portions of the commissions which unfortunately their member's are receiving the much smaller amount.

This happens primarily because the nature of Cash 1234 System , and other mlm companies, pay such small up front commission's. This make's it nearly impossible to ever see your first pay check, let alone any sustainable success that will make a real change in your life.

Ready for the solution?

We want to make sure that the company which we become apart of, allows us to profit immediately. We want to make sure that our commission's are at least a couple hundred dollars ($400). A commission amount this size will reward you for your efforts properly, eliminate debt, allow you to reinvest the proper amount back into your business, and you will have a real good amount to put in your pocket also. You want to make sure that you are able to leverage your efforts, by receiving over rides on your team members (your down line). Lastly and more importantly, you want to make sure that the company you become apart of is able to teach you how to effectively market to your proper target market, so you are able to create a massive stream of pre-qualified leads, without EVER having to bother your friends and family, and only make phone calls if you want. This all can happen when you know how to effectively market to drive massive amounts of pre-qualified leads to you.

These necessary ingredients will act as pillars in your home business success, and ensure longevity. There are only a hand full of companies which will offer you all of these foundational pillars available today.

When the need for large up front immediate cash was finally confronted, the industry responded with what we know as the 1 and 2 up business model. This simply means that the beginner who is coming into the company must GIVE AWAY his or her first sale (1up) or his or her first two sales (2 up). This seemed to solve the problem for a while. However, once again the companies which used this business model to compensate their members, discovered that an overwhelming percentage of their members where dropping out.

The 1 or 2 up business model which requires that you GIVE AWAY SALES OR A PORTION OF YOUR SALES, is another business model to be avoided.

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