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Classroom Decorating Ideas For Fall

by Jennifer Dobson
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Can you believe that summer has passed already and it's time to get out the fall decorations? Here are some fun ideas you can use to decorate your classroom this fall.

Fall Tree Decoration

Using the themes of trees and leaves to decorate the door of your classroom works really well or if your door does not provide you adequate space you can decorate one of the walls in the classroom. The first thing you want to do using either cardboard or brown construction paper is make the trunk and the branches of the tree. You can have the children add detail to the branches and trunk by using paint, colored pencils, or crayons.

After you have the branches and the trunk completed it's time to begin creating the leaves using brown, orange, red, yellow, and green construction paper. You can even create multi-colored leaves by gluing a couple or several of the colors together to show that the leaves are in the midst of changing color. Next, have each child write their name on one of the leaves they created and put the leaves on the branches of the tree using adhesive, tape, or staples. If you would like to you can even add more detail to the tree by making birds and squirrels out of construction paper and putting them up in the tree.

Inspiring with Watercolor Leaves

Watercolors, with their soft, dreamy tones and the gentle bleeding of one color into another, lend themselves perfectly to autumn classroom decorating. One simple craft is to invite the children to create large watercolor paintings on both sides of watercolor paper, allowing them to dry in between Then cut the watercolor paintings into leaf shapes and hang the leaves from the ceiling or tape them to the windows. The watercolor leaves make really cool classroom decoration!

You can string together some of the small leaves to make a garland for the bulletin board or chalkboard. Combine the construction paper leaves with watercolor leaves to make the borders more dynamic. There are also some really nice fall themed bulletin board trimmers you can buy if you would rather do that. Any extra leaves can be used as a background for other artwork or classwork the children did.

Using Words to Decorate

Since autumn is the time when children return to school, a good way to get their minds moving (while also creating classroom decorations) is by brainstorming. To start with tell them to list as many things as they can that have to do with autumn. After they have had time to brainstorm take all of the words they came up with and draw them onto colored construction paper. The words can then be cut out and put up around the room or used as classroom door decorations.

Enjoying Small Pumpkins and Squash

Using some small sized pumpkins, squash and gourds you can make some lovely decorations to use on the tables in your classroom. They make really nice centerpieces or you can just scatter them around the room. One great thing about these veggies is that they will last a long time so you can have them out all season long!

Hopefully these classroom decorating ideas for the autumn season will help you create an enjoyable learning environment for the children and get the new school year started off on the right foot. You may want to check out where you will see a great variety of discount teaching supplies, educational toys, classroom decorations, classroom carpets and rugs, and much more!

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