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Recent Climate Related Catastrophes - Who Upset Mother Nature?

by Antwyone Ingram
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At the start of the New Year it seemed a few things just weren't right. Shortly after midnight on New Years Eve, reports from Arkansas informed the world that thousands of black birds were falling out of the sky. A little under a week later, 100,000 fishes washed up ashore nearly one hundred miles away. If that wasn't odd enough, birds also began to fall out of the sky in Louisiana, Kentucky as well. Initially one would just give a little shoulder shrug and suggest it was something in the air or around the area, but the mass animal deaths continued. On the east coast, a startling number of dead fish washed up in the Chesapeake Bay as well.

A week or two later, the phenomenon began to happen overseas. 50 birds dropped in Sweden, tons of fish in Brazil, dead crabs in England, and to top it all off -- a thousand turtle doves fell from the sky in Italy. The bizarre phenomenon was quickly exaggerated by the media, suggesting the world was coming to an end. Theories suggested it was everything from toxic gas in the air, to fireworks and even aliens. Animal experts, scientist, and religious figures were debating for weeks about the cause of the massive animal deaths but lack of evidence still hasn't officially proved what caused this chaos. Google even got involved and created a map of the incidents world wide so that the occurrences could be physically tracked.

The weather seems to be getting a bit bizarre as well, record breaking snowfall up north that the U.S hasn't seen in decades. Half of Australia is under water due to the torrential downpours that went on for days without stopping. We can't so soon forget the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti late last year. Tornadoes were ripping through homes in the Midwest (during winter). One could literally Google all day about the rather odd occurrences in the earth's weather patterns, magnetic poles, and atmosphere. Why is Mother Nature so upset? What is to come for the remainder of our year? Will cataclysmic events occur like Hollywood has taunted us with, with such movies as "The Day After Tomorrow," "Independence Day," and "2012?" Are we going to be forced to move halfway across the country to avoid Mother Nature's fury?

The far fetched theories keep accumulating, and as long as this continues the media will gladly fuel it and over exaggerate "the end." The media does a very good job of heightening society's "fear factor" as our generation is easily influenced by what they present (i.e. the Y2k scare). So in the event that the media frightens America and generates paranoid movers dodging the "apocalypse," what are you going to do? It's almost comical to think about. Will you be choosing Apocalyptic Moving Co. or Save Me Moving Services? Maybe moving companies will provide a doomsday discount for more paranoid customers.

Whatever the cause of these recent occurrences, everyone is to blame as it is obvious that people lack concern about the well-being of the earth when it is clearly more important that pop cultures favorite celebrity had a baby, is getting a divorce, or is in rehab. It might just be too late to "go green," no need to eat those stale organic crackers from Whole Foods anymore. is your ticket to finding trustworthy, professional movers for all of your relocation needs. Each of the moving services that our team of moving companies provides is customized and individually planned to be stress-free.

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