"Dance Studio Marketing - Key Steps to Increasing Enrollment"
by Rajeev Samuel
Stop Trading Hours for Dollars

As a dance studio owner, the success of your business depends on your students. If enrollment is down, your business will not succeed. It's that simple. It's therefore important to market your dance studio on a consistent basis to attract new business as well as maintain the business you already have. Here are the key steps to increasing enrollment in your dance studio: Offer a good combination (90/10 or 80/20) of session-based and drop-in style classes. Many potential students looking to learn dance techniques and meet like minded peers will be searching for session-based dance classes. These types of classes will help you increase enrollment because they are less intimidating for individuals who are just learning the art of salsa. They also provide the type of environment beginners will want to come back to. While session-based classes should be your main offering, drop-in style classes are also important. Drop-in style classes offers experienced partner dancers with the chance to practice their techniques and pick up some new skills without the commitment. These types of classes are also easy to schedule for dance instructors, allowing them to place more time and energy into session-based curriculum and attracting new students. Update your website regularly. It's important to keep your website up to date in order to maintain interest. Once people view your website, they will get bored and stop reading it if nothing ever changes. It's therefore important to maintain your dance studio website by updating class schedules, events, studio news, and photos. You should also freshen up the content on a regular basis. Consider maintaining a blog to keep your potential and future students in the loop about what's new with your dance studio and the dance business itself. Offer promotions. Offer the public promotions to help gain interest in your dance studio. Something as simple as offering one free salsa class or a 50 percent off coupon can generate interest and increase enrollment. You may also want to contact one of the many websites offering "groupons". This fairly new trend offers limited time promotions to the public who are interested. The promotions are only granted, however, if a certain number of people sign up. Because a certain number of people must sign up, you have the potential of attracting a fair amount of possible students to your dance studio, in turn increasing your chances of increased enrollment. Prove your numbers. Show your worth. Showcase your popularity to the public by displaying just how many students are currently enrolled in your dance studio. Web-based software such as TheDance411.com allows you to display an up-to-date percentage of enrolled students on your website for the public to see. Showing that you attract and maintain a large number of dance students, you prove to beginners that you only offer quality classes. By following the above key steps and investing in a quality web-based software program, you will increase enrollment in your dance studio and set yourself up for lasting success. For additional information please visit http://www.thedance411.com.

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TheDance411.com is a multi-currency international eCommerce solution provider that operates in 17 countries (including United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom). They are currently expanding their solution to 65 countries in 2010 with support for their local currencies.

Rajeev Samuel

Site: http://www.thedance411.com

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