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How to Piss Off Your Neighbors: A Guide on What NOT to Do Once You Move In

by Paulina Aguilera
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You've gotten a hold of movers you can trust (thank you!) and are now looking forward to becoming a part of a new neighborhood. You just need to brush up on a bit of neighborly etiquette before you can feel completely confident about becoming a part of the neighborhood that waits. The following is a guide on what NOT to do once you finalize the moving-services that get you settled home:

Let Your Dogs Turn Your Neighbors Lawn into a Personal Toilet People and their pooches are easily some of the most annoying neighbors on the planet. But one of the worst offenses imaginable is letting your pets relieve themselves on your neighbor's lawn. If your dog poops, you must scoop! Some neighbors will tolerate off-leash pets, so long as your dog is well-behaved and you clean up after it.

Keep Your Dog Outside, Barking at All Hours of the Night Again, people with canines need to exercise some caution. Don't let your pets make you the neighborhood pariah. Being the proud owner of a yappy Yorkie or barking Basset Hound when the whole neighborhood is fast asleep will get you nowhere fast in the community. Train your dogs to only bark when someone is at the door. Contrary to popular opinion, you can teach old dogs new tricks, and not barking is definitely a trick you and your dog could do with.

Start Loud Yard Work Early on Saturday and Sunday You're anxious to get started whacking those weeds from your front lawn and mowing your backyard until the smell of fresh cut grass pervades the air. But do you have to start before the sun rises on the weekend? If you must get to work on your lawn early in the day, focus on working on noiseless activities, like weeding by hand and planting your flower bed. Wait until a decent hour, say nine or ten, to pull out the noisy machinery.

Flirt with Your Neighbor's Husband/Wife This one is a surefire way to cause hatred between you and the neighbors for years to come. Just because you have the privilege of living next door to an Angelina Jolie lookalike does not give you leave to charm her socks off every time you see her. Whether you're single or happily married, don't mess with your neighbor's husband or wife!

Throw the Loudest Party in the Neighborhood Every Weekend Now that you have a spacious home to share with your friends and family, you're going to want to throw more parties in your new digs. Having a few friends over is perfectly fine, but try to avoid throwing parties every weekend. Loud music, cars parked on neighbors' lawns, and noisy partygoers will only annoy the people you have to live next to for the next several years.

That about does it for the top five most un-neighborly activities you could possibly do. Of course there are a few other annoyances that could easily be on this list, but these five are the most common and easily avoidable. is your ticket to finding trustworthy, professional movers for all of your relocation needs. Each of the moving services that our team of moving companies provides is customized and individually planned to be stress-free.

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