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Waka Waka Video Free Download - Shakira's song Waka Waka is now available for free on YouTube. Fans all over the world can view the music video of her African performance along with the group called Fleshlyground online. I am sure that you will be thrilled when you get your hands on this hit. Download free Waka Waka mp3, download Waka Waka video and see for yourself why this is one of Shakira's best songs!

Waka Waka (This Time For Africa / Esto es Africa) is composed and sung by the famous Columbian singer, Shakira. It is the official song for the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. You can view the full length of music video Waka Waka (This Time for Africa / Esto es Africa) from Shakira for free now.

Free music video of This Time for Africa on YouTube:

Free music video of Esto es Africa on YouTube:

Waka Waka is definitely one of the best songs in the world, I love it, and it makes me kind of excited on world cup! If you are looking for a new music for your iPod, iPhone, this is a perfect choice.

So, how to download waka waka song on iPod? Well read on, the following tutorial will show you how to download waka waka video or download waka waka mp3 on your iPod. Here we go!


Streaming Video Recorder is a tool which gives you the ability to download waka waka from YouTube easily. To download Waka Waka video, you just keep this program open and then watch the video online. It will auto detect the video stream and start downloading.

Put Waka Waka video to iPod

You cannot put the downloaded Waka Waka video onto iPod directly, because the video is incompatible with iPod. There is also a handy video converter integrated in Streaming Video Recorder, helps you convert videos into the iPod, iPhone, MP3 Player compatible formats. It can convert videos to various video formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, 3GP, WMV, etc in high quality.


YouTube Downloader is another tool to download Waka Waka video. Waka Waka free download from YouTube is very simple by using it. Copy the URL of the page with video in your browser, click "Add" to start the video download task and start the Waka Waka free download.

To watch music video of Waka Waka on your desktop, you'll either need to install FLV player or convert the video into the format you can watch in your media player of choice (iPod, iPhone, cell phone, etc). YouTube Downloader support converting any videos to specific video and audio formats like MP4, AVI, MP3,MOV, 3GP, AAC, M4A etc for any of your media player.


If you just want to download Waka Waka mp3, use Streaming Audio Recorder. It is an excellent live streaming audio MP3 recorder that can record streaming audio files from Internet. It can automatically detect and record any streaming audio playing through your PC, so you can easily download Waka Waka mp3 from the music video.

After installation, open this program and listen to the song waka waka online, it will auto detect and download Waka Waka mp3 directly to your computer while the music is playing.

Don't wait - download waka waka video & download Waka Waka mp3 on your iPod today!

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