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YouTube as we all know, is a site that hosts videos--the sheer variety of videos found on the site is amazing, and often mind-boggling. It isn't rare to find a movie, or TV show, or trailer uploaded to almost as soon as it is released in any country--this often means that viewers in other countries can watch these before official release in their countries. More than half the time, you might end up stumbling on a video you really want to show your friends or family. If they're online at the time, you can just send them the link, so that works out just fine. If they aren't, well, you can always just mail them the link, right?

You'd think that'd work, too, but sometimes it proves problematic. Sometimes content gets taken off YouTube because of copyright and other issues, so the link you emailed or embedded or bookmarked might not work a few days or hours later. It's always disappointing when a video you loved disappears forever--and it isn't always possible to simply purchase or download the film/show which it was a part of; it might simply be unavailable in your part of the world, and it's a bit of a financial drain, too. The problem is, of course, that won't allow users to save or download videos. However, as with many things, people have found other ways of getting what they want. is one of the many sites that have cropped up on the Internet in recent years that allow users to download videos from Some of these sites allow provide users software they can download, or browser-specific add-ons, however, like the majority of these sites, only allows users to download videos from via the site. It also allows videos from myspace video and google video, among others--basically, from sites that use the same format as In order to download a video from via, you have to do the following things: First, visit the video you want to download. Then copy the URL that appears in your browser. A download link should appear at this point. Now, right-click, and press Save Target As, or the equivalent thereof. You should, at this juncture, also change the file extension to .flv, or the download will not occur properly. However, since the .flv file is not a very common multimedia file, not all players can handle it--the VLC player can. However, if you want to convert the file to other formats, you will need to download the FLV converter, which is easily available. Once you've done all this, you can just download YouTube videos and watch them in peace, and even mail them to your friends.

A guide to using Free youtube videosis provided by means of a video tutorial hosted at, predictably and aptly enough, and has been viewed nearly seven thousand times since being uploaded in October, 2009; the video can also be viewed on the site. Download free videos .


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