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Dukan Diet: New French Diet For Fast Weight Loss

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If you are trying to lose weight fast, check out this article. You may have heard of the Dukan Diet. This new French diet has been a French secret for long enough. After ten years, the Dukan Diet is finally getting attention in the UK and United States.

After 30 years of research and in practice, Dr. Dukan developed his effective method for shedding pounds so you can lose weight rapidly and just as valuable -- keep that weight off.

Although it is easy to follow, it does require a lot of discipline. The Dukan Diet gives dieters the guidelines and breakdown of which foods to eat and which to stay away from. The Dukan Diet is a four-phase approach to weight loss. These phases are: Attack Cruise Consolidation Stabilization All four of the phases contribute to your weight loss success on the diet. Millions of people have shed pounds with the help of the Dukan Diet. Plus, they are keeping the weight off, with Dukan's unique trick for long-term maintenance, which I'll go into below --keep reading.

The first part of the Dukan Diet is the most restrictive and is where you lose the most weight. During the attack phase, you eat all lean protein. Rather than simply avoiding carbs -- Dr. Dukan insists that you stick to lean meats, cut off fat, remove skin from chicken, and avoid fatty cheese, cream, butter and fat. You can eat non-fat cheese.

During the second part, protein days are alternated with vegetable days where you eat foods from Doctor Dukan's list of vegetables -- mostly green, leafy, nutrient packed veggies. Stay away from starchy vegetables like potatoes.

During the third phase, foods will be added back in as directed by Dr. Dukan-- fruits, bread, cheese, butter and more. You stay in the third phase for a time proportionate to how much weight you have lost over the course of the first two phases. During the fourth phase, you can eat just about anything. You stay in this phase forever -- it is your eating plan for life to maintain your weight loss.

Now, the "trick" that makes the Dr. Pierre Dukan's Method particularly special is that in the fourth phase, you select one day each week where you eat as you did during the first phase. On this day, all you eat is lean protein -- following the list that you will know from the attack phase of the diet. As long as you want to maintain your weight loss with the Dukan Diet, you maintain this one-day a week protein habit.

Dr. Dukan also recommends 25 minutes of low-impact exercise such as walking each day as well making sure you get adequate hydration -- drink lots of water! He also advises incorporating oat bran into your diet each day, the amount depending on which phase of the diet you are in. For more info on the Dukan Diet, which foods you can eat and which to avoid during each phase, please visit my site New French Diet.

For more amazing weight loss tips, visit Lose Weight Fast and Easy or for info about the hot new French Diet, click Dukan Diet Menu. Dominique Scott loves to research and write about organics, supplements, diet scams, celebrity diets, fitness, how to look your best and how to lose weight fast and easy.

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