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The boycott of "filmovizija" is a bad weapon when it comes to art. The boycott is more terrifying than the worst criticism for the work, be it film, literary, musical or theatrical fall into oblivion shortly after the occurrence. Of course I'm talking about boycotting the media, not to boycott the viewers, readers or listeners that it is practically impossible to fully organize.

Is it moral to invite viewers to ignore the work of a film for an incident that occurred recently when the actor Sergei Trifunovic wearing a shirt of the war dog character Jovan Divjak, accused of war crimes?

No, not morally, because of all those people who participated in the creation of this work, I will not watch, though not exclusive invite viewers to boycott. I do not call for a boycott of the film "God Montevideo and video," but we invite viewers to boycott all antisprskih films made in the past two decades!

Invite viewers to watch "Filmo Vizija", to boycott the film in which actors play, directed by the directors and the script written by those who participated in any anti-Serb film, even if it is a tour, or Go West Savior.

Do not forget that, Rade Serbedzija, Mirjana Karanovic, Bogdan Diklic Voja Brajovic, Dragan Nikolic, Mira Furlan, Besplatni Filmovi, Domace Serije, Serije sa Prevodom and dozens of our really quality actors who starred in filomovima us as a people, inflicting enormous damage.

Think you had about Filmovizija filmovi?

They did not believe me and they did not know that nažlost people who are often idols, young and mature people, often ordinary invertebrates.

A few years ago at a film festival in Thessaloniki, I was witness to one of our famous director got the money for the future development scenarios. He appeared at the festival with a scenario for a film about pornofilima in Belgrade. Ogavna story of how I was able to conclude, but he got the money even though no one believed it possible. He said the magic phrase:

The premiere Filmo Vizija gledanje filmova is planned on the day of the massacre in Srebrenica!

I think you are clearly talking about and it is clear that in the film industry is full of all the jellyfish (silmovizija serije) that are also very common, drug addicts and perverts, and therefore the worst scum.

To invite you to ignore all the film ostvaranje involving people with no face!

I invite you to ignore the television that you are poisoned, farms, big brother, Palace, shows and similar trash.

I invite you to wake up and ignore those from all of us make fools for years.

Domaci filmovi i besplatni filmovi gledanje na internetu, example FilmoVizija ) or Domaci filmovi za gledanje and many others.

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