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In Honor of Admit You're Happy Month: Chasing Happiness

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August is admit you're happy month. Happiness is a condition that many people spend most of their lives in search of. A wise person once told me that if you can't be happy when you're single then you can't be happy when you're married. If you can't be happy with just having a modest home, then you won't be happy in a mansion. Happiness comes from finding the good in whatever situation you are in.

Dr. Linda Miles says that happiness is a state of mind. She believes that happy people cultivate certain characteristics. "Current research shows that a happy person is optimistic, does not dwell on negative events, and has a social network and enough resources to pursue a life purpose. Freud wrote that in order to be happy we need to know how to love, to work and to play. Research has shown this to be true. We all need something meaningful to do, something to love and something to hope for. Happy people are hopeful people. When they arrive at a door of possibility, they open it. Unhappy people see the door as a barrier. They may sit by the door for years without opening to a possible future. Happy people see challenges. Unhappy people see problems. Happy people make things happen. Unhappy people hesitate and perseverate. Happy people count what they are given. Unhappy people count what is withheld from them."

A common consensus in regard to happiness is that a happy person thinks more positively. Dr. Miles goes onto say, "We all develop a sense of well-being that tends to remain steady throughout life unless we practice different thought habits. Research by the Center for Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania has shown that you can learn to be happier by thinking more positively, re-focusing your thoughts when you are in the dumps, and learning to live with purpose. Happiness is internal. Happy people live their way to answers and learn to make wise choices." - Dr. Linda Miles Marriage Expert

Some people believe that a person's opinion of himself or herself is what matters most in finding happiness. Lisa Preston is one of these people. She states, "Freedom from the fear of judgment from others leads to direct happiness! Realizing that your opinion of yourself trumps the opinions of others not only relieves anxiety, but also moves you closer to outlining and fulfilling your destiny. So how does one travel to this non-judgmental utopia? One helpful path includes turning off the television. Nearly 100 percent of what we tune into, in some way, shows judgment. It's amazing how much better you feel when you're not absorbing that attitude that some people are better than others. You're free to appreciate the wonder of your own heart and highlight that wonder in others. Cultivating the attitude of "no condemnation' leads to pure joy. - Lisa Rae Preston Homeschooling Expert

Take the time to find one thing you can be happy about. Or better yet, take the time to make someone else happy. Helping others when you may not be so happy yourself is a sure fire way to lift your spirits. Admit you can be happy today.

Luanna is a Virtual Marketing Manager. She helps small business owners save their precious time by taking care of the basic needs they have to keep their businesses marketed consistently and effectively.

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