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What Your Electric Company Doesn't Want You To Know?

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We have been taught all our lives to rely on our local power company to provide us with electricity. They have continued to make a profit from our dependency on electricity. For the most part, we haven't had choice on our electric company . . . until now. Currently, there is a big push to use "Green" alternative energy. It is time to stand up, and chose for yourself what energy source you want to use in your home.

Did you know that the big energy producing companies (oil and electricity) own all the energy patents in the world? This includes solar panels, wind turbines, and other energy producing devices. It would seem that these companies have a genuine concern for the environment and want to help the consumer save money on gas and electricity. The reality is that the consumer becomes further dependent on big energy under the mask of "Green" energy. Again we are left with no choice but to continue to hand over our hard earned money to the big energy company. If only there was an inexpensive way to generate our own free electricity.

I offer you viable energy solution. This does not involve solar panels, wind turbines, or even hydro-electrical power. It much cheaper to build and will generate free electricity 24 hours a day for your entire lifetime. Would you believe that if you can change a light bulb, you have the necessary skills to create and generate free electricity? This inventor wanted everyone to be able to harness the cosmic radiation of the Sun and turn it in to free electricity.

A few days after this inventor made his invention public, Big Energy Corporations withdrew their funding, and he was unable to see his dream become a reality. More astonishing is that moments after his death, most of his important blueprints "vanished"... never to bee seen again for nearly 90 years.

I have great new news to share with you today, because this could change your life forever. Apparently, some of the original "Free Energy" blueprints were leaked from government records and found their way in to the possession of an elite group of scientists.

Wait! This is really exciting. You see, these scientist decided NOT to keep this discovery to themselves, but to make it available to everyone. Do you know the name of this famous inventor? It is Nikola Tesla. The famous inventor Tesla was responsible for giving us fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, Alternating Current, and the electric motor. Only a few friends of Mr. Tesla knew his dream. That dream was free electricity in every home in the world. Indeed, his inventions have made our lives easier and more comfortable.

It has been said that the website is getting a lot of heat and pressure from the big energy companies, so I suggest you get there at once and read more about this controversial technology. It is uncertain how long the site will remain active. I urge you to visit the site and especially check out the video on how to build a cell phone charger.

Is your electric bill way too high and has got you angry? Visit this website and see for your self how people are generating their own electricity ... Tesla's Secret Revealed ... Mike is a concern citizen who would like to see the world use less fossil fuels and more alternative energy sources. He is passionate about people saving money and taking control over desire to generate their own electricity. My Free Energy

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