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How To Get An Unlimited Amount Of Free Targeted Leads To Your Website

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I use and implement this method myself and can testify on it's usability and response level. And best of all, this tactic requires no money at all to implement. It's 100 percent FREE and can work wonders when used correctly. So let's get to it...

There are four easy steps to follow to get this going. Follow each one in order and you'll know exactly where to find the right people for your website.

Step 1: What you'll need first are your primary KEYWORDS for the niche that you're in. Use this to brainstorm and find those words: These words will describe in detail what kinds of people are looking for what you have to offer.

Step 2: Position yourself in your customers' shoes and think about what they would ask if they were looking for what you have to offer. For example: If you were looking to buy Hip Hop beats on the Internet you would probably ask "where can I buy hip hop beats?". If YOU were the one selling Hip Hop beats online then the person who's asking this question is just the person you're looking for! Right? You would even probably ask the same question in several different ways. Such as:

"how can I buy hip hop beats online?" "are there hip hop beats for sale?" "where can I find hip hop beats to buy?"

There are pretty much endless ways you would phrase this. All you'll need is a few to start off with.

Step 3: Create an email account with Google. Head over to to create a free email account. It's best to keep the names of these accounts short and easy to remember.

Step 4: Go to and set up an alert using the question you came up with in Step 2. Be sure to include the ("") quotation and (?) marks to receive precise hits for the words you choose. These will then get forwarded to your email account. Within 20 minutes you should start getting feedback and websites of where some of your best leads are located on the web.

What To Do Next: The feedback and websites you'll be receiving in the email account you created is where you'll want to provide a link back to your website where your lead can gain more information and possibly buy from you. What you really want to do is provide as much value and simply help the other person inquiring about their question. You never want to spam these sites, or anything for that matter, once you find them.

Leaving a helpful and relevant comment on a blog post, in a forum, or even on Yahoo! Answers (where I have received some alerts from) and then placing your website link is how you're going to get traffic back to your site. Also by applying the method above is a double bonus if you can see it... When you keep placing your link on these sites with helpful information you'll be slowly building more and more backlinks to your website. And you should know that when it comes to traffic generation it's all about links; the links that link back to your website!

Don't Let This Go To Waste I mentioned earlier in the beginning of this post that many TOP Internet marketers are using this tactic. They do it because it works. Since I've started implementing this tactic into my traffic generating arsenal I have seen a fair amount of free leads coming in from doing this alone. The best way to monetize this process is to set aside a specific time each day or week to look through each alert that comes in and see if you can add value and place your website link on that site. Not every feedback alert will be an opportunity to get your link out there for more traffic, but that's fine. Say you get 20 alerts each week but only 14 out of those 20 will give you an opportunity to place your link, well then guess what? You now have 14 targeted sites looking for what you may have to offer... Don't let this go to waste! Start implementing this tactic immediately and watch the leads start trickling in, the sooner you do this the more results you'll start seeing.

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