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Yes, you read it right. There also isn't a need to look for a deceptively-concealed fine print that claims otherwise. is a free dating site that offers free online dating for those who seek lasting love or desire to strike up love connections by taking advantage of the features and functionality afforded by the information superhighway. This is a dating site that believes forging love matches between eligible men and women is rewarding in itself by providing genuine matchmaking services to their members. While there are other free dating sites online that boast of standard fare free online dating, never compromises the quality of their service by providing a wide array of services and features that let members find their most compatible matches by providing them with optimal user freedom without putting their safety to the backburner. is a free dating site that brings internet dating to an entirely new level. Unlike other dating websites that inhibit interaction between and among members and restrict member activities on the whole, allows optimal user mobility to members by providing features like chat, instant messenger and email for free. You can send a wink to a guy or girl that strikes your fancy without having to shell out a cent. If you so wish you can even start a blog and increase your social network by leaps and bounds at no additional payment necessary. Sending e-cards is a snazzy way of letting someone know you are interested in them--but save the dollars for when you actually take them out to dinner. These are the perks available at and they come for free! is a free, safe and captivating online dating website for singles to interact and find their match. By utilizing our interactive 100% free features and functions which include sending/receiving messages, sending winks, uploading videos/audios, chat, sending e-cards, directly uploading your photo from webcam, posting your classifieds, inviting your friends and interacting with your friends on Facebook and MySpace, you can meet and date singles in your area and community. To look at detalied site features and functionalities, please visit

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