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Can You Attract Millions of Dollars? The Lazy Man's Guide to Manifesting Riches

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Who else wants to learn how to manifest money ALMOST like magic? If you are anything like most of those who enjoy our articles on money manifestation and lottery winning techniques, the simple truth is that you are already convinced that the 9-5 path is NOT for you, right?

It's true...and while many money visualization and manifestation methods are considered cutting edge OR controversial (depending on which side of the fence you sit... the simple truth is that for many people, they really DO work wonderfully well!

Here is what I've learned about people who have had amazing luck at manifesting money through decidedly UNORTHODOX methods!

1. They are "outside the box" thinkers: 2. They often PREFER the road less traveled over the more ordinary path 3. They are willing to take chances....and believe everything WILL work out well 4. They apply that which they learn....and do NOT give up at the first sign of failure.

If you look at just about all of the success stories, of multi-millionaires who were once where you are today.....

Their stories are pretty similar. They almost made their money out of THIN air! An idea. Or a gamble. Or a game of chance or lottery type of winning. Or they simply pursued their own PASSION with out any care or concern for money at all, and it just fell into their lab as a function of doing what they love!

If you never work a day in your life, like the old cliche suggests, because you are following your own dream, it's truly the easiest and most effortless path to profits that there is. Because you are doing what you already would be doing for FREE! (some super successful millionaires even say they'd PAY others to do what they're paid so handsomely to do today)

My passion is games of chance. Lotteries. Casinos and high stakes fun. Yours may be the same.....or something completely different. But the truth is, in my view, you DON'T need anything more than what you have right now to become very wealthy in 2010, and beyond. A passion for adventure. The desire to make it happen. And a blueprint, or a paint by numbers system to make it happen, in whatever path you pursue.

Couple that with an unconventional view of life...and a love for following and carving out your own particular path, you CAN (and will!) do some amazing things this year. You can begin again....I did, and it's the best (and most profitable) detour my own life has ever known..

Who Else Wants an UNFAIR advantage in INSTANTLY winning ANY lottery you choose to Play? Listen to THIS underground interview with Larry Blair...considered by many to be the "luckiest" repeat lottery winner in the world! (and he says luck has NOTHING to do with it - Prove it To Yourself and Find Out How He Does it....& So TOO Can YOU!)

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