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Guidelines on opening a free Gmail Account - Now what? I mean, don't try to discourage me from going through the registration process for my Gmail account. Anyway, just to inform you, I have already done the registraton procedures and guidelines and equally glad and satisfied that I finally have a Gmail account. I dismissed off the pessimism conviction that josh was trying to do. Just because he does not have a Gmail account does not mean I should not have. Josh is missing a lot. Honestly, in these modern times of intoxicating news and the competitive spread of online technology and social networking, I find it so surprising to note that some people do not even have a Facebook account or a Google account. Of Course, I'm of the firm believe that having a Gmail account, basically by undergoing gmail registration is of necessity even more than going through a Facebook sign up processes for a Facebook account. Am not averse to Facebook popularity, I even have an account with Facebook and I regularly make use of it every day, however, Google services and products is by far better, richer and greater than that of Facebook. The good news in this is that it is not stressful, and would not even cost you a dime. Gmail sign up is completely free. You don't have to pay any expatriate or anyone to open or give you a Gmail account. Just settle and follow the Gmail sign up procedures and guidelines.

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