"File Weekly Claims At Go2ui.Com"
by Wade Frazier
Stop Trading Hours for Dollars

If you are unemployed, you can claim benefits if you go to Go2ui.com. The present economic conditions have resulted in increasing unemployment for many. The federal government's labor laws have helpful programs, through which you can benefit monetarily. By going to this website, you can find out if you are eligible for Washington unemployment benefits, make your claims and even find all details of employment relevant to you.

Initial Claim For Unemployment Benefits

When you go to the Go2ui.com website you can visit the links that give you information about the general eligibility criteria, to find out if you are eligible for unemployment benefits. These benefits are designed to provide you with an income when you are actively searching for work. You can get all the information for general eligibility requirements for benefits.

You need to go to the link from Gotoui.com to claim your benefits for unemployment. Your benefit is for 52 weeks from the date of your first claim if you are eligible. There are extended benefits for those who cannot find work, after the initial benefits run out. To submit an initial benefits claim you can access the Washington State Employment Security Department's link from Gotoui and answer three qualifying questions. You can apply for your benefits online or through the phone.

Go2ui.com Weekly Claim

When you are confirmed as eligible for valid unemployment claim, you can get the right information about filing the Gotoui weekly claim. Through this site you and other jobseekers can file weekly certifications and find employment opportunities by using the features on the website.

The Procedure

On the Go2ui.com website you can find all the related information about how to file your claim for the week. When you file for weekly certifications at the Gotoui.com weekly claim, your claim starts on Sunday which is the first day of the week. By clicking on the link 'file weekly benefits online' you will be on the 'file your weekly certifications' page.

You will need to enter your social security number here and a valid pin number to file online. You need to enter the right details or you will be prompted by the system and will not be able to proceed further. When you have entered all the correct details, you need to follow the directions. There is a list of questions you will be required to answer truthfully, as making mistakes will only mean delays in processing your claim. You will need to proof read your answers and if you make any errors, you can rectify them at this stage.

You can get a copy of the list of questions if you click on the words "series of questions". You are given an opportunity to review all that you have typed in on Go2ui.com website, before you make the submission. If you have any questions about filing weekly claims or if you need help in applying for benefits, there is a number of the telecenter where you could call and speak to the representative. The Washington State Employment Security will contact you if any further information or steps is needed.

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