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Tools and Equipment You Need as a Graphic Designer

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So you have decided to enter the exciting world of graphic design. What kind of equipment and tools will you need to do your best work? The most important tool is your sharp and creative mind. To be an exceptional graphic designer, you will need to look at the world in a slightly different way. You will need to use the fundamentals of design to create intriguing and original images that speak to the audience. Besides a good and strong creative mind, what other creative elements and tools do you need be a good graphic designer? Here are some other tools you need..

1) Digital image editing tools are key to good graphic design

With the arrival of image editing tools, graphic design has never been the same. In the 1980's, desktop publishing became the big thing, making graphic design seem a lot more accessible. However, if you've worked with image editing tools, you will see how much work goes into creating a single logo or image. Image editing tools allow you to manipulate pictures, locals, line art, and all other kinds of images. Computer graphic design has opened a whole new world to graphic designers.

2) Traditional tools still remain vibrant and used throughout the markets today

With so many computer software applications and image editing tools available these days, it can seem like the old fashioned tools of pencils, pens and markers are no longer needed. This is not true. These small and portable tools are still important when designers work on paper and try to develop new and exciting designs. Most good graphic designers carry with them a pad and pencil at all times. Part of the trick of graphic design is learning to use the right tools for the right job. Sometimes pencils and markers are all you need to accomplish what you want.

3) Computers enter the fold of graphic design

Without a doubt, the 1980s revolutionized graphic design when desktop publishing became accessible. This is around the time when computers became one of the most important tools in all of graphic design history. Computers have helped graphic designers achieve immaculate and precise designs. Computers provide access to such graphic design hallmarks such as clipart, fonts, typefaces and various visual effects. Today, most graphic designers do not operate without their graphic design software programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In Design and many other programs. These have become standard graphic design tools.

4) Using traditional hand rendering and pasting techniques

No matter how computers and design software seem to advance, many graphic designers still prefer to use old-fashioned techniques. This may include hand rendering with calligraphy pens, pencils and markers, and experimenting with different paste-up techniques. Why are the traditional methods still so persistent? The reason that traditional tools and techniques continue to remain so vital is that they allow the graphic design artist to work with their hands and manipulate materials and objects in a much more satisfying manner than what you get from working at a computer console. Manipulating things with your hands can often be infinitely more satisfying than using a mouse to try to control images. You can also get a much faster and better idea of what something will look like by using hand tools and creating a fast mock-up or dummy proof.

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