"The Best Halloween Book series for Children"
by Sylvia Colette
Stop Trading Hours for Dollars

The very best Halloween books for kids, all come from the same children's author, Linda Glovach. In her collectible series of children's books, I believe she has completely covered all a child needs to celebrate Halloween to the fullest.

The Little Witch and all her friends were my favorite as a little girl. Recently I came across The Little Witch's Book of Yoga and with happy tears in my eyes recalled the magical world the little witch creates while teaching valuable information. Stories, art activities, recipes, party ideas and costumes are all included in each charming book. The simple illustrations capture the imagination and make you believe in the enchanting characters.

In The Little Witch's Book of Yoga, while not specifically for Halloween, there are also three unique parties highlighted that are perfect to host during the Halloween season; The Moon-Gazing party, called Tratakum, Yoga, Toga, Ghost party and a Candle Concentration Ceremony. Each complete with recipe suggestions and party games.

The Little Witch's Halloween Book has even more specific information on the holiday, activities, costume ideas, recipes and so much more. Children with a 2nd grade reading level can read these books themselves and using things around the house, can engage in imaginative play. The book also makes a great reference guide to all things Halloween for elementary school parties, room mothers, teachers as well as parents and children can find interesting information and fun recipes to try.

The Little Witch's Black Magic Book of Disguises is an amazing source for costume ideas, not just for Halloween either. These kid friendly ideas are good year round. I especially love the party ideas in this series. The Little Witch helps children become more confident in their creativity. Filling them up with interesting information and then helping them share what they learn with friends or family.

The Little Witch Presents a Monster Joke Book is another favorite, the illustrations are fun and the jokes, while silly, are big hits for Halloween in the elementary school group.

And finally no Halloween is complete without lots of great food and games. The Little Witch has both a Black Magic Cookbook and a Black Magic Book of Games.

I highly recommend tracking down this series for your children. Since they were published in 1979, the best place to find them is on Amazon or other used book sites. You can buy them for a few dollars a piece, if that much, and give your children books that will fire their imagination! Priceless.

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