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How to Build a Rocking Chair the Easy Way

by Jim Edwards
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Learning how to build a rocking chair is not all that hard, it just needs meticulous planning and much effort should be given to the project and I'm pretty sure anyone with a DIY streak in them can make their own rocking chairs.

Building a Rocking Chair : First Things First

First of all, you might want to decide if you are going to build the whole rocking chair yourself or you're just going to add some rockers to an existing chair.

Yes, you do have this option, and adding rockers to an existing chair is easier and less the hassle but for a serial woodworker, it's definitely less the fun.

How to Build a Rocking Chair - The Wood

You have to decide what type of wood you'll be using. In this case, you would want to have the added peace of mind of having a sturdy chair so might as well be using hard woods.

Pine is is good and is the least expensive wood that you can use but if you are planning the build a rocking chair for outdoor use, I would suggest that you use a harder wood like oak, for example.

Building a Rocking Chair - The Tools

Building a rocking chair doesn't require power tools. Though if you have power tools available, it certainly would make the job easier and you can finish it faster.

Some of the tools I used are:

T-square, screw gun,clamps, drill, planer, band saw.

Additional materials you'll be needing are:

wood, plywood, nails, finishing nails, wood glue, wood stain, sandpaper and screws.

How to Build a Rocking Chair - The Plan

To build a rocking chair, a step-by-step guide would with pictures would certainly make the process easier.

The building process would first include making a diagram of the rocking chair. Dimension should also be included.

You'll be needing the plywood to create a template for the rockers. You need to draw the rockers with its dimensions on the plywood and cut that template using the bandsaw.

Use the template to draw the rocker pattern on the wood and cut the rocker out of the wood using the band saw.

Then you'll be needing to drill a hole on the rockers onto which the legs of the chair will be attached.

This is the overly simplified version of how I built my own rocking chair. To go into details would require a very comprehensive plan, diagram and dimension. All of which depends on the design you have in mind especially on the chair.

However, you have the option of having a ready-made, easy to implement plans to make everything else easier for you.

So to everyone who also felt the need of a very good rocking chair building plan, check out this nifty resource I've used not just in building a rocking chair but in my other woodworking projects as well. Similarly, you may want to check out this other resource on how to build a rocking chair.

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