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What is the Best Coffee to Drink Black?

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If you are on your way to becoming a coffee connoisseur, it is important to enjoy your Java black at least some of the time. When you add cream and sugar to a cup of Joe, it directly alters the flavor and taste. If you are hoping to begin to differentiate coffee roasts from the regions that they are grown in, the best way is to start to enjoy your coffee black to understand each coffee flavor profile.

If you are just starting out in black coffee drinking, then you may be used to a very sweet taste in your cup of Joe. This is especially true if you take into consideration many of the espresso beverages on the market since they have a number of sugars and syrups within them. One other advantage to drinking black coffee is cutting calories, but many dieters have a hard time switching to completely black coffee. This may take some getting used to, but what you may find is that once you start drinking black coffee, all of the true and natural Java flavors will start to tantalize your taste buds, and you will have a hard time drinking coffee with cream and sugar again!

To ease yourself into drinking black coffee, flavored coffee would be a wonderful choice. There are many premium flavored coffees on the market that use natural flavors that taste just like many of the commercial flavored coffee creamers available. Many premium flavored coffees are created with natural flavorings that blend perfectly with freshly roasted coffee. For instance, you may want to try Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Irish Cream, or even Almond Toffee. If you are hoping to drink black coffee for only dieting purposes, you can also add Splenda to your brew for no additional calories. Still, it is much better to try to drink your coffee without any additions to sample the authentic taste within the brew.

Otherwise, it may be a good idea to try a lighter roast of coffee to begin with to experience more flavors in your cup of Joe. Light roasted coffees have more authentic coffee flavors from the regions the coffee beans are roasted in, which you can taste even better because they have been roasted for a shorter period of time. If you want a more gentle taste within your brew, then look for lighter roast with also a light body to ease into black coffee drinking.

If you are beginning to drink coffee black, it is also a wonderful idea to purchase more expensive and quality coffee beans to invest in your brew. For instance, coffee beans like Kona Coffee and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee are more expensive varieties, but they provide full and authentic flavors that you can't find anywhere else. This will truly make you want to drink your coffee black because you will experience the best of the best in your cup of Joe. The only way to know is to try and see for yourself!

Chuggin McCoffee is a coffee fanatic that has spent the entirety of his career cultivating and studying all of the best uses and brewing styles for optimal coffee and espresso flavor. His specialty site for all coffee needs, supplies, and Bunn Coffee Filters can be found at The Coffee Bump at

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