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How to Get Radio Interviews - Get Booked on Radio Shows to Promote Yourself and Your Products Free

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How to get radio interviews is a common public relations question, especially for authors, experts, and marketers. You can get booked for free radio publicity interviews as an interview guest to promote your product or book on radio show interviews, if you follow these steps:

1. Identify radio shows that book guest experts like you for interviews: the fastest way to do this is to search on Google using search terms like "radio talk show"+ "your topic". (NOTE: You want to search on "talk radio" rather than just "radio" to find shows that book guest experts for promotional interviews instead of only playing music!)

2. Find contact info for the radio show's producers or bookers: Big, nationally-syndicated talk radio shows have a staff of producers. The best producers to reach are those that find and schedule expert guests and authors for on the air interviews. These producers are called "bookers". For smaller or local radio shows or Internet radio podcasts, the booker, the producers, and the host may all be the same person.

3. Create and send a targeted pitch: You need to e-mail, fax, FedEx, Tweet or call the producers to offer your expertise and information. Remember that they are not interested in you, your book, or your products. Their goal is to find interesting new information that educates and/or entertains their audience. Your job is to craft a pitch that gets their attention. To get radio interviews, your radio interview pitch should offer helpful details of your expertise that fit into their current radio show programming needs.

(Tip: Offer real information, not just a product pitch. A radio interview, podcast appearance, or TV segment is a big opportunity for you to establish yourself as an expert, not just to get a free commercial.)

While the strategies above are proven methods for getting interviewed on radio and being booked to appear on TV, they are the same steps that thousands of other publicity-seeking experts are following right now, too.

To get radio interviews is another solution.

Today you can skip many of the steps above by signing up for the free radio and TV and podcast interview booking service. This free radio interview and TV public relations service will send you an e-mail each day with radio guest expert interview opportunities from real radio, TV, and podcast show producers who are looking for expert guests and authors to interview "on the air".

Each "Guest Request" email is a "live" booking opportunity submitted to by a real show host or producer. The daily emails tell you exactly what type of guest interviews that radio show, TV producer or Internet radio podcast host is looking for - all you have to do is reply by email to those that are seeking guest experts or authors like you for their shows!

Visit now to sign up for this free service. You'll start getting free radio and TV "Guest Requests" by e-mail tomorrow!

Become a "Featured Guest Expert"

To make sure that radio producers, TV bookers, and podcast hosts worldwide are aware of your guest expert interview availability, you can also advertise on as a "Featured Guest Expert".

As a "Featured Guest Expert" sponsor, will feature your expertise, your photos, your books, and any products that you want to promote on its popular website. Plus, Featured Guest Experts get their expert profiles e-mailed to its worldwide e-mail list of radio show hosts, TV bookers, and podcast hosts.

Becoming a "Featured Guest Expert" on is a cost-effective and clever public relations strategy that can help raise your expert profile to get free radio, TV, and podcast publicity interviews.

More info: Visit today to join the free radio, TV, and podcast guest interview booking service.

Scott Fox is the Author of best-selling books including Internet Riches and e-Riches 2.0: Next Generation Online Marketing Strategies, and Founder of the online marketing community, He helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, online marketers, and YOU to make more money online and have more fun, too. For more info, Scott's blog, and a free email newsletter, please visit now.

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