"How to Have Good Sex - Five Ways to Enhance Your Sex Life"
by Angel Donovan
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How to Have Good Sex

Whether it's only physical or a deeper intimacy that we have for another person, having sex is something that we always wanted. But the fact still remains that, while many have sex before, only a few of them knows how to have good sex.

Great sex is essential to maintain healthy relationship. A lot of relationship have been seperated because of sexual incompatabilities. Given this, it is important that you learn new styles to satisfy your significant other.

There is a primary principle that is a hidden method behind how to have good sex with women. Women are different from males, and they are more keen to mating. They like to portray things in mind, that is what turns them on far more effective that the actual.

In order to leverage fantasy to vastly improve your sex life with your girl introduce some of these elements..

  • 1. Be nasty and blindfold her.Remember that the most essential sexual organ is not the one between your legs, it is the human mind. Some senses maybe hindered, but other senses works double time to compensate through the brain. Blindfolding your girl enhances her senses. You can boost her sexual desires with unexpected movements. Increase your creativity when teasing her, use toys, feathers and your body parts.
  • 2. Emulate your wildest fantasy.If both of you have been together for long time, you need to provide new ways on how to have good sex all the time.Try to be different and stop being "yourself.Instead, portray the role of another character. She can portray a nurse. Try to play the character of a construction worker. Enable yourself to be playful and portray the role of your fantasies. Role playing doesn't only lead to exciting sex. It also gives you the chance to play around with your partner in a sexy way.
  • 3. Be playful. Adult stripping is a great idea to make your partner naked. You can even make the rules as you wish. Ask her to do something for you if she loses. You can ask her to do something for you -- something that you may not have done yet before. Role playing usually lead to great sex in the end.
  • 4. Verbally flirt. Verbal flirting is another way to boost intimacy. As mentioned, our brain is the biggest sexual organ. We act to words instantly because it provokes sensation. Nasty words can boost the flow of blood in the different parts of the body. Additional Info for men: Ladies are hyper sensitive to words so if you want to make things better, you have to know the right words to say.
  • 5. Think of another venue. Searching for another venue will provide more exciting activities and better sex. Take risks! You can even do it in front of an audience.

It is not easy to have a stable good sex life. Bring extra effort if you want to make things work your way, especially if you and your partner are busy with your tight schedules everyday.

As a man today there are today vast amounts of scientifically proven principles to meeting, attracting, dating and deepening relationships with women. And, yes, also on how to have good sex.

If you want to sexually educated, improve your style, and your ideas and the experiences of relationship with women, look up the "Fast Track Dating Report - 7 Rules to Get Good with Women in Months, Not Years". It is packed full of specific and highly effective tips that will transform your life with women and you can download it for free..

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Angel has a strong interest in the power of self development to transform individuals and organizations. He turned that focus to dating mastery in 2001.

Currently, he is the Founder and Editor of Dating Skills Review, a database of unbiased reviews of dating advice for Men.

Angel Donovan
Dating and Relationships
Site: http://www.datingskillsreview.com/how-to-have-good-sex

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how to have good sex

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