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Aurislim Magnetic Earring Review - My Aurislim Experience

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Aurislim really changed my life. I am doing this review as a form of gratitude to the company that produced this wonderful device. They did not paid me in anyway. It's just that the device really helped me a lot medically speaking and it saved my life. My experience with Aurislim begun 5 months ago, and here is my story.

I felt a pain in my chest that radiates to my jaw and left arm the morning of October 12, 2010. The pain Is so heavy it feels as if an elephant is sitting on my chest and I cannot breathe. I cannot even move my lips to speak and ask for help. My daughter Ana noticed that I was holding my chest and she called 911. I was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with myocardial infarction. Thank God the physicians said that only 5 percent of my heart was infracted. They gave me streptokinase and plasminogen activators to prevent another ischemic attack to my heart.

3 days after this event, I am still at the hospital and I am on telemetry for a week. The head physician came to my room and told me that I am lucky the heart attack I experienced was mild. He said that it was caused by a fatty deposition around my coronary arteries. He ultimately recommended that I lose weight to prevent future attacks. I am a 43 year old woman and I weight 287 lbs. I am severely obese. He recommended exercise but the problem is that I can only do light exercises.

After 10 days staying at the hospital I finally got home. I have this sweet welcome home celebration and I was surprised. My mother and father came, my brothers, sisters, my daughters Ana and Gella and my husband Nick. I cried sitting on the couch and it was one of the happiest moment of my life. I felt loved and I felt that this is my second life and I need to do something with my weight. I am an avid Mariah Carey fan and I visit her official site once in a week. I saw that she is trying to lose weight after her twin pregnancy and that her acupressure clinic recommended to her Aurislim. Mariah Carey said that it was very effective on her. She even tweeted it. Without hesitation, I ordered one online via Aurislim's website.

It arrived after about 8 days. I wear it for 3 hours a day as indicated and it was one of the best experiences I ever had in my life. The earring itself is not very comfortable to be honest but the effect is amazing and unbelievable. Just the first day of wearing it I feel so different. I cannot describe the feeling but I feel like I can lift a bus. I feel this oozing strength. Around the 4th day of wearing the device I noticed that my appetite decreased. I easily get full and my craving diminishes. My blood pressure was 170/100 before but this morning, it was normal at 120/70.

I lost an astonishing 80 lbs. just by wearing it for 3 hours a day in just 5 months. I was very amazed with this device. For 35 bucks it improved every aspect of my health. I cannot anymore furnish words to give praise to this wonderful invention. The best thing about this device is that I got my health back to love my husband and kids.

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