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In today's economic times, an opportunity to acquire a semi truck, big rig truck, over the road truck, tractor trailer through a lease or rent to own program may be a great solution for the potential owner operator.

Many company drivers are seeking to acquire a semi truck enabling them to increase their earning potential

These company drivers biggest obstacle is that their personal credit is poor, not enough money for a down payment and therefore not able to qualify for conventional financing.

In this recession, many dealers and lenders have excess off lease and repo semi truck inventories that they need to put back into their income stream.

These dealers and lenders have created other financing programs which enable the company driver to obtain a semi truck without a substantial down payment, good credit and minimum paperwork is required.

This special financing programs require somewhere around $2500 down, a CDL required, a copy of a recent utility bill and a hauling reference.

Additionally, the dealer and lender will not pull a credit report on the applicant.

The owner operator can pick out their semi truck out of the dealers inventory which usually has all different years, makes and models.

The owner operator will sign a contract anywhere between two years and up for a fixed amount and have an option to acquire the title to the semi truck at the end of the lease.

Each leasing program has different requirements so it is important you understand all the particulars of the contract and its requirements

In conclusion, even in these volatile economic times, the company driver has a great opportunity to acquire a semi truck to enhance their earning potential.

Happy hunting for your semi truck and its related financing . . .

Rick has over thirty years in financing, this involves leasing, working capital and hard asset money loans, and also commercial lending

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